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  • If its his first time today on baby rice, they usually say start on one meal and then build up - I never gave Evan baby rice well only once and it made him really bunged up so I started straight with veggies and tried a new one every few days. Leave his milk as it is for now as he still needs it at his age - also if it is first day just one spoon will prob be enough its just till he gets used to it then after a couple of days he will want more

    hope this helps - just go with your instincts though really your his mum so you know

  • Hi hun I would leave him on one feed for now not 3 as it is prob a bit much for his tummy at this young age.

    Also keep him on the same amount of milk - Gabe is 6.5 months and still has all his bottles, it is important they have their milk for now as it's more calorific than fruit purees etc.

    You dont have to give baby rice at all, can just start on puree fruit & veg. Sweet potato is good for veg and carrots, also banana, pear, apple for fruit. More easily digested than packet food or jars x
  • Thats ok - btw he won't put on too much weight. Gabes on 3 meals, finger foods AND 4 7oz bottles and he only put on about 7oz in 3 weeks! They slow down after weaning, but they def still need the milk.

    It sounds like hes doing really well anyway to be eating nicely, i think Gabe spat it all out at the first attempt!

  • I started him on sweet potato then just tried different stuff you could try apple or pear aswell they are good ones

    You could get the hipp organic apple puree first tastes which I did as when I cooked apple it was very tart and they are really good
  • Veg and fruit are fine to start with but I would stick with that until he is a bit older - as the others have said just one meal a day for now!
  • yeah you can steam then or I boil them (as no steamer) in the minimum water till soft then puree them with a little of the cooking water and if needed like with courgette or peas etc I push them through a sieve but this goes for if you cant get the little lumps out - be warned when you do normal spuds as it goes to a glue like consistency!! make sure you add milk if you can after you have reheated the puree as this loosens the purees
  • any time its very confusing when you first start but you will get there - if I can help anymore let me know

  • lol I would leave the rusks out hun, get on the veg and fruit much easier for her to digest, I would suggest till she gets to 17 weeks to stick to one meal a day even if she is waking as she needs to get used to it, just try here with sweet potato and easy puree firsts as I said apple and pear are good ones also nutternut squash - add milk to it aswell, just make a big batch, puree then freze it, once you done it once you will be alright, its just a bit hard at first to know how much to give but I would do just one meal at first

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