Hey girls

I hope you are all well. I was wondering when most babies go through teething. I think Rose is, she is sucking on anything and everything she can get her little hands on and dribbling everywhere and a crying here and there which is not really like her.

She was 12 weeks on Sunday

K xxxx


  • Yep it can start that early and go on and on... My lo cut his first tooth at 3 1/2 months tho image so he had a lot of the signs very early on but you could be waiting up to almost 12 months, around 6 months is the average for first toothy peg! My lo is now 9 months and has been almost permanently teething, we are now on number 7 x
  • Oh god image Its so sad as she just starts to cry and then looks so sad and then is ok the next min?? I have got her she gel and also a few toys that she can suck on.

    K xx
  • Sounds like teething, you could also try teething powders and putting a gel filled teething toy in the fridge for a while so it's nice and cold. We have tried everything :lol:
  • Hi hun

    Daisy-Mae was about that age when she started with her teething - she's 7.5 months now and she's just cut her first tooth!! It's a long, long process for me and Daisy-doodle!

    Bellah is right, try the teething powders and don't worry - it won't be like that all the way through!!!! Bellah - can't believe your LO has 7 teeth already - so jealous!!!!

    C xx
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