Help, quick question!

Hi girls,
Connor is on 3 meals a day and is 6 months.
Today he didnt wake up til 11.15 so therefore didnt have breckie til 11.30. He still doesnt want his lunch and its heading to tea time now so when he gets peckish i was gonna give him a yoghurt then his tea around normal time.
Do you think it would be ok for him to miss a meal, its just if i give him his lunch in a half hour or whenever he gets hungry hes not going to be ready for tea until 9 tonight which is past his bedtime.
What would you do?


  • Evies on two meals a day and i ended up missing her breakfast the other day cause she was fast asleep, it didnt seem to make a difference to her and the next day we carried on as normal xxxx
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