Q- us, lo, hotel room and travel cot. Bedtime routine ?

So Hubby and I have decided to go away for a couple of days. We're gonna book a nice hotel, pack the travel cot and off we go. But I was just wondering..... so bedtime routine, bath, bottle bed. So at home we put lo in cot, in darkenss and he sleeps most of night. But if we're in a hotel room do we need to have lights off and bed at 7.30 too ? Or will he sleep OK with lights dimmed and us watching tv in the room. I just have a funny feeling that if I put lo in cot and we're still in the room with lights on etc he's never gonna sleep, just want to get up and play. And if he does sleep he'll think it's just for a nap and be up after 40 mins.
What have you/would you do ? Ta, Suz x

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  • hey,

    I think you'll have to just 'go with the flow' for a couple of nights.

    You could always turn the lights and tv off while he settles himself to sleep if needed?

    Have a lovely time!
  • Whenever we've been away in a situation like this we've put her to bed as normal with only a low light on and no tv, then when she's asleep put the tv back on and carried on as normal and she's been fine!
    Enjoy yourself!!
  • We did this last summer and when Max first went to bed we took the baby monitor down to the bar so we could listen in just like at home then after half an hour or so came back and had tv on low etc and he slept as normal - one night we even moved him once asleep into his buggy and went down to dinner and he slept through and we moved him back to cot when we were done! They are quite adaptable! image ENJOY!
  • Hi,
    We stay in Travlelodge type places quite a lot as we have family all over the place. Obviously not the same as a nice hotel but we have the same problem of us all being in the same room.
    On the whole Alf doesn't sleep as well as he would at home on the first night now at 8 months. When he was younger it was easier and he happily slept in his travel cot with us watching telly, chatting and eating etc. I would just go for it and enjoy your holiday! Where are you off to or haven't you decided yet?
  • Thanks girls. I guess it's just cos we've never messed with his bedtime routine, even if we are staying away, that I just don't know how he'll be. He's 24wks now. I just need to relax and see what happens I guess.
    Crafticharlie- my hubby likes your ideas best but not sure I could go to bar etc. Was it honestly OK ?
    Not sure where we're going to go. We're based in Edinburgh so maybe west coast Scotland or Lake District somewhere. Would love some suggestions though. Suz x
  • We checked first in the day time that the monitor was connecting ok from bedroom to bar and we have a monitor that has lights that flicer if there is noise so even if it was noisy we could watch the lights - actually the bar was really quiet anyway and like I say we just put lo down upstairs at home and then go down and rely on the monitor so although it felt a biut weird it really was JUST the same and we could be up to the bedroom in just a couple of minutes if we had needed too but actually he just slept so it was all good! he was about 7 months when we went away and going down to the restaurant in hotel with him in buggy sleeping was great - we just drapped a blanket from the sun canopy down to keep it dark for him and again he just slept! image HTH
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