To feed or not to feed? (Also in born in Dec 09)

Hi all,

Just wondered what you think I should do?

My LO goes to bed around 7-7.30pm, wakes for a feed midnightish, then again at 4/5am. It used to be consistently 4am, but as the days have gone by, he's waking later and last night he woke at 5.40am.

Now, my routine starts from 7am, working on a 3 hourly feed (EASY). Should I feed LO as normal at this time then feed again at 7am, or drop the 7am feed (but still get up at 7am) and bring the 10am feed slightly earlier? Do I refrain from feeding him and try to re-settle him back to sleep? I tried re-settling him last night - no such luck!! I ended feeding him and he still didn't settle. What I don't want to happen is for him to think that 5.40 is wake up time (way too early - 7am is only just manageable with interrupted sleep).

I'm hoping that over the next week or so, the 5.40 am will eventually become 7am.

Thank you xxx

Gi & Thomas 10 weeks & 4 days.


  • Hi

    I did EASY and what i would do if you start you day at 7am is to feed at 5.40 only offering the bare amount that is needed to see him through to 7am and then do a feed at 7am as a starting point for the day.

    He will eventually drop the feed and wait till 7am. The key is to keep the 7am one the big feed and the 5.,40 one the little feed.

    HTH XX
  • Thanks babycrazy1 will give that a go and hope that he settles well after even on a not so full stomach x
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