First M&B group today *UPDATE*

I've never took Charlotte to one before and she's 13 months!
I was diagnosed with pnd in October and my hv, oh and mil has since been telling me I must go & socialise and more importantly take Charlotte to socilaise with other babies/children.

So I've finally plucked up the courage to go as I'm feeling better now (am on Citalopram). I've spoken to the lady who runs it and she seems very nice and understood my situation. I feel so silly cos I'm quite nervous. For me as well as Charlotte. She tends to get upset in unfamilair places and with people she doesn't know (I suppose many lo's do?)
I can be quite shy with people and am worried that if it's "cliquey" I wont fit in.
Hopefully I will make it (it starts at 1.30 until 3pm). I know it's important for Charlotte to meet other babies. The only ones she really knows are her cousins (3 and 20 months old).

I'll let you know how i get on........

Well I went - and enjoyed it! Charlotte seemed to as well.
She did the obligatory scream her head off for 10 minutes when we got there and i thought "oh no here we go". I sat her at a little table on a little chair (really cute) and she started to play with some puzzles and stopped crying. She then enjoyed looking at all the 2 and 3 yr olds running old and kept crawling after them. She had a go on a trike and loved it!
The only down bit was this old codger who was helping told me to put Charlotte in the baby area as she's still crawling and "was in the way of the other children"!!!! So I put her in the baby area, she got bored straight away as they were really young babies in there, and she crawled off again all by herself without a second look at me!
I spoke to a few mums but I'm a bit shy and a lot of them were talking in small groups so I found it hard to make conversation. I will take her again next week. She seems a bit worn out so hopefully she'll be straight to sleep tonite!!
Oh yes - a little boy took a shine to her (he was about 2 as well)!!! And kept showing her how to do the puzzles then followed her round a bit when she was crawling! Flirting already eh!!!

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  • Good luck - I'm sure you'll be fine and it is really good for Charlotte!
  • Good luck I am sure you will both love it. I was extremelly nervous taking my lo for the 1st time but really enjoyed it xx
  • Thats weird lol cos I go to a baby group on thursdays and it's from 1.30 till 3!! Hehe.
    I've been going since Gabe was 5 weeks and its great. I'm sure you'll be fine! They have some really nice toys at ours, all wooden things like a play kitchen and stuff for the older ones and lots of sensory toys for the younger's not cliquey at all though I have made some good friends there
  • I admire you for taking Gabe at just 5 weeks TL. that's really good. I do wish I'd taken her earlier but when newborn she was terrible at night, not sleeping until 3am so I was always too knackered for the first 3 months to do anything.
  • good luck! i'm sure as the others have said you will both enjoy it once your there. i'd be exactly the sanem hence why i haven't taken ellie to one yet...we're hopefully moving in the next month so there's a playgroup near where we'll be living and i think i might take her along there xx
  • hey,

    you should be there as now, so I hope you had fun!

    I go to two, one I know loads of people (I taught thier eldest children, they go with thier toddlers) and one where I go with a friend and we sit there in the baby section on our own! occasionally someone else joins us and we're very friendly to them but we never seem to see them again! lol.
    At the one I know loads of people I've made some nice new friends too.

    Louise was clingy to begin with and can be after school hols when they're not running.

    Will keep an eye out for an update on how much fun you've had!

  • Hope you enjoyed it. I took lo to baby group for the first time today. She is almost 6 months and we had intended to go earlier but starts at 10am so only just recently feel able to be ready and there on time. I am a bit shy and was a bit worried about going as I am not good with striking up conversation but it was fine. Darcy had a great time (she is very socaible anyway!) and I talked to quite a few of the mum's. It was great as was going a bit insane at home all dasy with no-one else to talk to.

    I hope you got on just as well xx
  • oh good, glad you enjoyed it. i went to a few when cameron was tiny but now he's 8 months and we go every week more or less. He loves it , its really good for them to mix with some other children. As far as talking to other mums, you may find that the conversations just start as you see familiar faces there next time and as charlotte starts to play with other babies.
  • I am glad you both enjoyed it... I dont know, you take them to baby clubs and they start flirting lol
  • Glad you enjoyed it! image We go to a baby group on a Tues morning and a music group on a Fri morning, have been doing since Faye was about 7wks.... I've been going alone but starting to make friends now, it is hard the first few times to go and walk in on your own but people are usually friendly I've found.

    Keep going as it'll get easier xx
  • Glad it went well for you hun. I'm exactly the same when it comes to meeting new people and turn pretty shy. Don't know why though. Its like when i'm on here, i can happily open up to all of you but if i met up with everyone i'd be so shy you'd defintly not think it was me. lol.

    Hope the rest go well for you too

    Lisa xxx
  • Yay! So pleased you both enjoyed it. Huge well done for being so brave.

    Me and Lucy went to a baby group 2 weeks ago for the first time only to find out that it was cancelled for the next two weeks, but i made myself ask the girls i met there through netmums if they wanted to meet up for a coffee while it wasn't on. I'm so proud of myself as i am soooo shy (to the point of it being painful!)

    I haven't said this to anyone other than hubby (and can't believe i'm even going to write it now to be honest.......i've deleted it and written it 3 times now! lol) but i'm pretty sure i have slight PND. I think i can get myself out of it but it's taking those first steps that are the hardest (and most terrifying!)

    Sorry to gatecrash your post, really wanted to say HUGE well done x
  • Glad it went well image Ours was fun today. I spent ages building a runway for the wooden aeroplanes! For Gabe obviously... :lol:
  • Aww so pleased for you! I found it hard at first, but go to one at Sure start and that's fun now!
  • Thanks for all your replies - wish I could go to a M&B group with all of you & your lo's xxxx
    Charlotte was out like a light last nite and I was pretty tired too!
  • Hey hunni, I just read your thread. I work part-time at a children's centre and if you're planning on going next week and want to mix I have a bit of advice for you to feel more comfortable. If the mums are all talking in small groups, don't be put off by it, chances are they're feeling as nervous as you. You could perhaps introduce yourself and Charlotte and if they seem nice you could tell them you're feeling a little nervous as you've only been once. Then they'll understand your situation and the conversation will flow from there!!

    Good luck! M&B groups are really fab! It gets them into a routine and gives them invaluable experience with other people and babies. Kyra's been going to the one in my area since she was 4 weeks as I take Evie (3 years) with me too as they are so good with kids and flexible about me working there and bringing kids etc xox
  • Thanks for that Yummy Mummy xx
    I hope little Kyra is feeling better.
  • You're welcome, Kyra's much better now thanks, keep finding her little scabs everywhere tho LOL especially on the sheets! xox
  • I had chicken pox when I was 7 and can remember the itching & picking the scabs! I gave it to my brother who was 16 at the time (he wasn't impressed). He had them a lot worse than me, in his mouth & everything! Oops.
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