i wish...

the dolmeo adverts were an hour long because its the only thing that keeps Grace quiet image



  • I wish that about the Direct Line adverts! Even when Connors feeding hel shoot round to face the tv as soon as he hears those beeps!
  • I dont, they make me feel sick!!! My morning sickness kicked in the day after a spag bol and the dolmio adverts remind me of being off work with the sickness.

    I cant stand spag bol anymore.
  • yes the direct line one too!!!!!!!! haha

  • Freya like the Tasamo(sp?) advarts. But now that she is older any advert with a good beat to it will do. lol

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X

  • I cant stand spag bol anymore.

    I'm the same with ginger nuts, I ate quite a few packets due to morning sickness and I haven't had one since!!
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