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I was looking at these today and noticed that the stage 2 ones say from 7 months on them and I am just wondering if there is any reason why other then it is slightly more textured then the stage 1?

I thought LO could have anything (with the expections of nuts, honey etc) from 6 months. I have been told that as LO is 6 months and we waited till just short of this to wean her there is no need to puree the food but just to mash it - therefore part of me thinks she could have the stage 2 pouches!?! or am I missing something (more then likely as I find it all so confusing!)

DD is really good with finger food if that is any indication of what stage she food she can eat!


PS I am planning on doing the majority of DDs food myself, its more because we are going away for two weeks on Saturday and its not going to be easy to make my own so thought the pouches would be the next best thing x

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  • I have taken many of the age things with a pinch of salt, as you are right - there is very little they cannot have from 6 months. Stage 2 pouches should be fine xx
  • They are just textured. I think it's the getting used to moving smooth puree to the back of their mouths to swallow properly, before introducing texture.

    If you give finger foods, or are happy lo's managing smooth puree, then textured purees shouldn't be a problem.

    I have pureed veg etc, and it comes out in various consistencies! Plus I mash banana etc. I also feel lo is managing finger foods a lot better, as I can see he's progressed to trying to 'chew' by using the roof of his mouth. (Still no teeth). So I tried stage 2 and he was fine.

    If you think lo can manage them, try them. xx
  • I found Ella's Kitchen stage 2 stuff a lot less lumpy than other brands' stage 2 stuff so I'm sure he will be fine with them. It's just a bit more textured than the stage 1 stuff. x
  • I think it depends completley on the baby. My son doesn't like stage 2 and he's 7.5 months old...still need to use purees! I'm hoping it's a phase though cause he'll happily munch sandwiches and sweet potato wedges haha x
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