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Hello, this is my first official post on baby image

Tristan lee my ds is a week old today (eek how fast) and his foot is slowly starting to come down, he has Talipes on his left foot which made it stick up... he had his foot stuck up behind my rib for a while so we think that's the reason (i didn't know it was a foot at the time lol)

Has anyone else's bubbas got this? If so how long did it take for physiotherapy to get in touch and what exactly did they do ? I haven't heard anything from them yet and i have done a little research and apparently it can effect walking in the future if not treated so i really want to get it sorted! It has come down at least 70% though so maybe it wont require any physiotherapy? I massage it down when ever i get chance,

On a nicer note he is such a chilled little guy, settles himself to sleep and doesn't mind just chilling in his moses basket which is a good job since his 21 month old sister is so demanding! image I love him so much image xx


  • Hi hun we had this with my daughter left foot aswell, physio came out to our house with 2 weeks we were given stretches to do at every nappy change these didn't work so alyssa was put in full leg plaster all the way up to her groin she was hysterical the whole tim ethese were on so we had them taken off then she was given little booties called bebax which have a metal bar and alan key turning on the bottom which make her feet point out she needed to wear these 24/7 and now at 6 months she her feet are perfect she has just been wearing her shoes to bed for the last 4 weeks we are leaving them on another 4 weeks to make sure they don't turn back in!!

    Hopefully if it's only slight the stretches will do the trick!!

  • Welcome to baby and congratulations on the birth of your son. My DS1 had this and we saw a physio who gave us exercises for him. It was fine by about the time he was 8 weeks if i remember correctly. It didnt hold him back at all, in fact out of my 3 boys he was the one who was on his feet first. He could confidently stand with holding my hand when he was 4 months!!!

    Gemm x
  • Hi hun - Max had this when he was born and cos he was SCBU the physio came and saw us there. It was only slight and we just had to hold his ankle with our first 2 fingers and then stretch his foot downwards with our thumb - that doesn't make any sense written down but just gently stretch the foot down so it is pointed downwards - this helps stretch the muscles. If it has self corrected that much already I am sure it will be easy to fix and soem stretches will help - MAx's disappeared within a couple fo weeks with the stretches and it has NEVER affected him so hope its the same for Tristan!
  • Hi,

    Congratulations on the new arrival. I have a similar age gap between DS1 & DS2 (20 months).

    DS2 had positional talipes causing his feet to point downwards & inwards (so they crossed at the ankles).

    We were told in hospital to stroke the inside of his feet to encourage him to turn them outwards, Also, to make sure we gave him plenty of time on an activity gym to enable him to kick & make sure babygros had lots of foot room.

    We had physio assessment at 8 weeks & were told to just carry on what we were doing as it had virtually disappeared.

    We were told not to use a baby walker or door bouncer when he's older as this can make the problem reoccur or become worse, but other than that he should have no problems walking.

    Hope the appointment comes through soon.

  • I can't give u much advice. But I had this as a baby. I wasn't given physio, bit had casts on my feet & legs for 1st 3 months then was given casts that just went on at night. I've never had any problems with walking & walked when I was just over 1.
    Just thought I'd post so u can see the other end of the tunnel!

    Jayne xx
  • hun - could you speak to midwife or hv (whoever you are seeing now) and get them to advise you or chase up the physio appt!
  • Thank you so much girls i feel a lot better now i had visions of him walking really late or something!!

    Midwife is coming round tomorrow so i shall get her to chase up physio xx
  • dont worry about it holding back the childs development alyssa is 6 months and crawling and standing whilst holding on to things!!

    Fingers crossed for you

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