Question for those with the Quinny Buzz

Hi ladies,

Just wondering if anyone can help? DS is 12 months but has pretty much grown out of the first seat. I went to fit the other seat this week but haven't a scooby how to do it and can't find the instructions. I bought it from Kiddicare so it's not like I can just pop in the 'shop' and ask them show me.

Also, a bit of a moan really. Has anyone elses tyres worn down? I'm so annoyed as I've only had it a year. It's out of gaurantee but surely a pram that didn't come cheap should have decent enough tyres not to wear away after such a short amount of time. I can see the criss-cross of fabric where the rubber has totally worn in places. Does anyone know if/where I can buy replacements or if Quinny would replace them if I sent them a stinking letter?

Thanks xx


  • There's an instruction manual on

    Basically you slide it off through the side bits. Not necessarily that easy - best to see the pics on the manual.

    Don't know about the tyres as ours are still fine.
  • Your local bike shop will be able to replace the tyres. I had one replaced and it was ??5.
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