How often should u have ur baby weighed?

Brooke has been weighed nearly every 2 weeks since she was born, she was last weighed on Friday when she had her first jabs. So will she need to be weighed again b4 her next set of jabs at 3 months?




  • It is totally up to you how often you go to get baby weighed - some people go every week some go once in a blue moon. I try to go roughly once every month to 6weeks but don't always.
  • i think you can get them weighed as little or as often as you want, what i understood from my HV was that you only have to get them weighed before there 6 week and 9-12 month checks but i could be wrong dont have much experience with all this a sophie is only 4 weeks old lol xxx
  • Like the others say, it's up to you how often you go, I go about every 3 weeks or when there is anything I want to discuss with the hv. Beth's weight was a bit low last time, but the hv actually said to leave it for a couple of weeks as they can have a slow week and that can worry you more!

    I'm sure if there were any probs the hv would let you know if they wanted you to come more often.
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