was anyone an insulin dependant diabetic??

Any help would be really good.

I am just on the testing strips at the moment and my levels are getting higher???? Even though i am following the diet to the letter.

The nurse is calling me on tuesday nad depending on the results that are bad at the moment they will start me on insulin.

My question - how do they train you to do this - is it just done at an appointment as this scares me slightly.

thank you x x x


  • I don't know much about genstational diabetes but i know a fair bit about diabetes. Can i ask what are your blood sugars? Do you record blood sugars pre or post meals ?

    Don't worry too much about insulin, the nurse/midwife will explain how to administer it (use the penfil) and once you have done it a couple of times you'll be fine. I hope it doesn't have to come to this, check everything you eat carefully cos there are so many hidden sugars in things.

    hth xxx
  • Hey hun, i had GD and was the same, my levels went mad and i had to start on insulin at 30weeks. It really isnt that bad, they give you a special pen thats all ready load with your insulin, you turn the dial to the amount your meant to have and push the button and its done image The more you do it the easier it is, i had to inject twice a day and it became 2nd nature...pm me if theres anything you want to ask, i know i felt quite lonely when i had it, i hadnt even heard of it let alone knew anyone with it :lol:

    I 2nd what mel says though, i was checking my sugars 3x a day from 28weeks, and because they where so high i was then put onto insulin...maybe theyl do that first :\?
  • thanks ladies

    they think i was diabetic before pregnancy becasue my fasting level was quite high

    should be 5.5 - i average 6.8

    i check levels 2 hours after food and have been told that it should be under 7

    after breakfast average - 8.9

    after lunch average - 10.7

    after dinner average - 13.1

    Are these high or am i just panicing. Right from the outset they have said that these levels are high and i will be on insulin if they do not go down

    this is after 3 days now and i cannot get them lower. I have changed my diet completely and really thought that would have done it.

    My meals are pretty similar but i have had white rice in the evening which they said i could but i am trying today without it.

    Thank you so much for your help x x x

    ps forgot to say that i test blood 4 times a day

    just after i wake up (fasting)

    then 2 hours after every meal

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  • Your levels dont sound that bad at all hun, but looks like they will put you on insulin IMO. I wouldnt panic, they also said they where sure i was diabetic pre pg but i had a test 6wks after baby was born and was fine...i do have to have them yearly now though just in case...

    The main thing is they control it, i always had high levels which is why i went straight into insulin, in my case it didnt help, as levels rose anyway and i ended up very poorly in hospital, but its rare so dont panic! Your under great care hun thats the main thing xxx
  • thanks woomummy - i am a little worried about the effect it will have on flump.

    they gave me the nhs nice guidelines to read and it mentions still birth which has put the bejeebers up me.

    On day 4 of testing and following really strict diet - had one small potato for dinner and i went up the over 14 grrrrrrr.

    thank you for the support, the diabetic nurse is supposed to call tomorrow x
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