Gina Ford or Baby Whisperer?


Just wondering if anyone out there is following Gina Ford's Contented Baby techniques? I know some people may disagree , but I really love the idea of getting my little one into a routine as soon as possible after birth and like the concept of Gina Ford but am very concerned that it will 100% dictate my life, so I'd be interested to hear of your experiences....

Maybe the Baby Whisperer methods maybe a better in between?

E xx


  • A bit of both!! LIke you, I was into the idea of being in a routine, and we did do that fairly early, however, even I found the Gina routines a bit rigid when it actually came to it. My LO couldn't stay awake long enough and slept longer etc. It made me feel like it was all wrong!! so i stopped worrying about the timings etc. I did take on tips that really did work for us though - such as starting the day at 7 am (was an ish for us) so that eventually, the baby is taking enough forrmula during the day to see them through the night, Also, we did bedtime in his room with lights dimmed and had a "bedtime" even if the timings differed a bit to start with depending on his feed times. He slept through the night from about 3 months. I also read bits of the Baby Whisperer and did a bit of the EASY routine. We just picked out bits from those 2 books and things I read on this site and developed our own routine. Kate
  • I followed Gina for all 3 of my kids. With the first one i was quite strict and wouldnt leave the house unless it was sleep time so i didnt muck up his routine. I did relax as time went on and i was much more relaxed with number 2 and now 3. I liked to have a framework to follow and i like how the feeds turn into lunch/dinner etc. I also liked the structured sleeps.

    Ive never done the whole express at this time, fart at that time. I just use it for eat/sleep guides and for example how long baby should nap etc.

    Each to their own but it worked for me and i had 3 contented babys

    Gemm x
  • Baby Whisperer, worked well with both of mine. I can't fit my own life into too strict a routine so a more flexible one worked for us. Also it is a really good book for just going back to look up some tips when things came up or different milestones reached.
  • I bought both books but stopped reading GF about 5 or 6 pages in, it was just too prescriptive for me. I found the BW to be more flexible - I have never followed her routines exactly but it gave me a lot of good ideas and taught me to watch my baby for cues which I still do now, even though I'm not on any sort of "routine" as such (I BF on demand etc). The BW's settling techniques were an absolute godsend for me and I highly recommend reading for that reason. You can always pick and choose what you like from each book you read image
  • I like BW too - Gna Ford is too strict for me and my DD seems to be doing well with BW. Just seems to make more sense to me xx
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