Night-time nappy changes!

Hi ladies,

My friend has a 3 week old and they are struggling getting her back to sleep after changing her nappy during the night. I just wondered if any of you had experienced this and if you had any tips that I could pass on to her (and also save for myself!)? Or is it just a case of resettling the baby etc?

Many thanks in advance!

Ruth xxx

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  • Hi

    We had the same problem when our lo was a newborn, now we don't change his nappy unless he's pooed, then change it first thing in the morning. The nappies are normally designed to keep baby dry for 12 hours (i think)

  • My advice - don't change it unless it is a pooey one. My LO can go 13 hours without a change and although it is really wet it doesn't normally leak! It would wake her up to much if I changed it ! S XX
  • Hi. We used to change lo's nappy before every feed, but he dropped his 2am feed. We started using the baby dry nappies, which will keep baby dry for up to 12 hours. Seems to work for us. Not sure if they do them in small enough sizes though. xx mithical and James 10 weeks 6 days.
  • Hi

    alex is 2 weeks and 2 days and we found that he won't settle with a dirty nappy, what we do is feed him til he's sleepy then change him and give him the 2nd half of his feed x

    I'm breastfeeding and this makes him take a bigger feed and helps jim to go longer between feeds x don't know if it'll work for everyone but it's working for us so far x x

    Kelly and Alex 16 days x
  • I always changed Bs nappy before his feed and i did it all in the dark and didn't speak a single word to him. Now i only change it if its pooey. Might have just been luck but my lo started sleeping through 10 hours a night at 6 weeks and even when he had night feeds he went straight back down and to sleep.

  • I dont change Tyler unless he's pooed. We use the baby dry nappies and he's fine in those.

    Sarah+Tyler(17 weeks)
  • we use to change his nappy before his feed therfore he would be sleepy and settle back down x
  • Like others have said we don't change the nappy during the night unless he has pooed. I actually can't remember when the last time that was, must be well over a month. We use baby dry too xx
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