FAO: Ollier (Sorry me again lol x) & 2peez in a pod

Hi hun,

Hope you dont mind me mailing you but wondered if you could help me. Im still in 2 minds on when to start my midwifery course but what i wos wondering is could i do the access course in 2 parts ( i dont have enough GCSE's for it stupid me should of known what i wanted!!). Do you think the college would take me seriously if i wanted to do the access part first and then leave it a couple of years (thinking when macey & probably another) is at nursery or school to proceed and i will be able to do it full time when my kiddies are at school.

I feel i have the time to do the access course now part time but i still have to work at the moment 2 days so would not be able to commit to a full time course but i would like to do this course and be ready for the full time education when the kiddies are schooling but i just dont know whether a college would be able to take me on doing this?

Sorry if you dont know and im bugging you (just let me know if i am) its such a hard decision and its def 100% what i want to do so im struggling to get any help from anyone round here xx

Thank You xx :\)


  • just bumping incase they havent seen it yet lol x
  • Sorry I did access to Social work and although i'm no longer really intrested in doing that - it's still a valid quafication and you can apply at a later date if you choose to! I would think that all acess courses are simular? x
  • Hi. i think ur access is only valid for 2 yrs. so if u did it now, from when u finish, u have two years to start a course. i think. i havent looked into it cos i am doing everything together. sorry, not much help i know xxx
  • oh thanks for that. I will double check on how long it is valid for i would hope it was longer than 2 yrs but i will apply for the part time course and see how i get on.

    Thanks girls xx
  • hi honey!!

    two-peez-in-a-pod will know more about this than me - i'm too long in the NHS (1992) and had the GCSE's and A'levels at the time, so i dont know how long it lasts.....!

    however, i would have thought from an interest point of view that the closer you do it to your application, the better it would look for you (make sense?!!!)

    dont worry about "bugging" either - will help out wherever poss! :lol:
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