I've been using the baby fruit muesli for LO's breakfast but I'd like to get away from buying specific "baby" foods if possible. Does anyone give their LO's an adult muesli? Or anyone know of any brand that doesn't contain nuts or big pieces of fruit? He's approaching 8 months so I know in theory he can have anything but I don't want to give something that's not appropriate or risk him choking.

Thanks in advance xx


  • You would need to check the sugar content as it's quite high in most brands x
  • There's a nice recipe in AK's book. It's just oats, apple juice and sultanas left to soak overnight then you add milk and any other fruit you want in the morning. It's delicious! x
  • Thanks for your replies, think I'll stick to the baby muesli for now, was just hoping I could save money and get away from differentiating between us/baby xx
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