what we all up to this weekend?

Im going into town to vist mil - eek and bil and his very wierd wife, not looking forward to it at all!! Also going to look around the shops. i know it sounds daft but i stil son't feel very confident taking Charlie into town - i think its coz there is never any pre-warning when he wants a feed he just screams for it and i worry what people think so therefore have not been out with him that much - can't stay in all the time tho!


  • ooh i love my wii fit! the family trainer for the wii is also great fun!! xx
  • BUGGER ALL and it sucks asssssssss!!!
    Actually I may go into town tomorrow to buy some new jeans as my fave ones are getting holes in the crotch grrr.

    I take Gabe out by myself a lot, oh never goes out with me or him so from day 1 really its just been us 2. I usually stop and feed him dinner in a cafe. If we're out later and he wants a bottle, he holds it himself and has it in his pram! You could always do the same with Charlie (bottle propped up with muslin or something) until you can find somewhere to sit down and feed him properly? Saves the screaming - lol!

  • it's my birthday on tues so tomorrow night i am having a rare night out!!!!!
    going for a meal and drinks with some friends, should be a good night!!
  • Packing more boxes LOL Moving day fast approaching YIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  • Its me and hubbys first wedding anniversary on Monday so we are going out for a meal tomorrow night and my little princess is staying with her auntie, then sunday im going ice skating, thats about it xx
  • this morning not much as me and justin have the dentist, then we will all be round the kitchen table making badges.
    Tomorrow is pancake sunday we have one every other sunday, but there will be none for mummy as im on a diet boo hoo.
  • today is a lazy pj day and my dad pops round to see Connor saturday afternoons and tomorrow im spending the day with my mum
  • We're going to Tesco's!! Wahooo! :lol: Kelsie is now walking and a trip to Tesco's with her on her rains takes about 2 hours, as we have to stop and look at EVERYTHING. Last week she wanted a bottle of lemonade and we couldn't get it off her so had to buy it! None of us like it! Apart from that we have MIL and FIL round for a chinese tonight, and I have some housework to do too.

    Tomorrow will be a nice lazy day and I might not even get dressed!

  • oh is finally puttin skirtin boards on and me and finley r off to poundstretcher. i must have missed the chat with my mum bout how excitin life is as you get older!!
    sex - check
    usless men-check
    how much more excitin life is when your a grown up-nope.lol.xxx
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