poo problem


My 5 week old is constipated ive tried calling them HV but shes not in and never returns my calls, does anyone know what i can give her to loosen her up abit?!

Amie x


  • Ask at the chemist they usually know what you can give.
  • we were reccommended to try a little orange juice.
  • hi, do you give your lo water? Lots of water could help. A little orange jiuce in water should also help but be carefuk with putting it in a bottle as the sugar in the juice can effect lo's teeth trough thier gums if it is done often - using a easy pour trainng cup is best but not so easy to do with a 5 week old!

    You could also try massaging your lo's tummy in a clockwise direction to get get things moving, and/or making cycling movements with thier legs can apparently help too.

    Hope it gets moving soon!

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