Days out for 7/8/9 month old

Hi ladies

Can anyone recommend some nice days out that are fun/interesting for a 7 - 9 month old please? I know she won't be able to do that much but I'd like to take her to see some things for nice family days out over the summer!

So far we've thought of:

Chester Zoo
Blue Planet Aquarium
Stapley Water Gardens
And on our local steam railway

Places close to mid wales/Shropshire would be ideal!

Thanks, Nn xx


  • Not sure where about you are, but we love Chester Zoo and Stapley Water Gardens too! How about Tatton Park? Would that be too far? It has a house, a little farm and gardens.

    Other than that, we love local parks, feeding the ducks, going on the swings etc.
  • Have you got any farms near you etc that you could go too?
  • Chester zoo is THE best place on earth image we took Dylan when he was only 10 weeks and he enjoyed it then (when he was awake :lolimage but we got married there so I maybe kinda biased!

    Also not sure where you are but blue planet and chester zoo not too far from us, so how about the east lancs railway were thinking of doing the teddybears picnic on bank holiday monday with Dylan.

    We also went to the seaside today, Dylan loves walking with our dog and he rides on daddys shoulders so we dont have to drag pushchair in the sand. Plus its free image

    Also is there anywhere to possibly hire a boat like a pedalo?

    Again swings, swimming etc also good

  • Oooh Dylansmummy, I would have LOVED to have got married at Chester Zoo!

    I am off to look at the East Lancs railway now image
  • Where are you all based as chester zoo and the east lancs railway are all very close to me x
  • Have copied these links that a very kind lady called wanna-bump possted on my thread when I was looking for lovely family days out. I have no idea on geography and some like heaton park I know arent close to Wales as its about 10 minutes from my house, im very sorry so feel free to ignore :lol:

    East lancs railway:

    Heaton Park Farm:

    Reddish Vale Urban Farm

    Smithills Farm

    Gullivers World Theme Park

    Oh and Hannahs mummy it was absolutely amazing! Just a truely perfect venue for a perfect day!


  • There's a horse drawn barge trip in llangollen that's quite cheap. What about a trip to the coast for crabbing? We're off to conwy mid august and we're gonna build sandcastles in llandudno and crab off the harbour.....can't wait image
    A trip to your local park to feed the ducks and have a picnic can be just as memorable as a big day out. We took photos of him in the swings and everything......with mummy hiding holding him up! X
  • If chester zoo isn't too far have you thought about a Ferry 'cross the Mersey trip? there's a marine centre & space port at seacombe & I know they do cruises up the ship canal to manchester. You do really have to have the weather though as it can be miserable! A walk around the albert dock in liverpool & liverpool one would be nice, but more shopping/for mummy :lol: x
  • where are you ladies all from? didnt realise there were more BE girls around the chester area.

    if its a not so nice day there is knowsley safari park
  • google the ice cream farm, cheshire. we're off there this afternoon for some yummy ice cream and to see the animals x
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