Eye Teeth


My lo is 10months old now and has 4 teeth. Thing is that she is really grumpy again and always pulling at her mouth and drooling/chewing again. Think her eye teeth are coming down as do feel some lumps at the top gum at the front. I have been told that these teeth are the worse to come in, is this true?


  • They are definitely the worst teeth to come through. When Isaac was getting his firs molars his gums bled when I brushed his teeth but it really didnt seem to bother him at all, when he was getting his eye teeth (and he still has one to come) he was chewing his hands grumpy, went off his food till they were completely through, I think its because the teeth start with a point and get wider all the way to the bottom, unlike the other teeth where once they have broken through the gum that is it.
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