Cheese Strings

How suitable are cheese strings as a fingerfood for my 6 month old.

We are doing a combination on purees and BLW, so after every puree we give Phoebe fingerfoods. Usually fruit or those organix crisps or rice cakes.

Yesterday I was eating a cheese string (I love them!!) and she grabbed it off me and loved every second of it.

I know the advert says full of calcium etc but is it suitable for babies?


  • Should add on the ingredients it says 100% natural cheese and has 0.42g of salt or 0.16g of sodium.
  • Hiya

    I've tried it with Tyler whose 7 months and unfortunately he gags on it for some reason, but the HV in my baby group said he can have everything now apart from honey, even curry....

  • I was going to ask about Babybel cos Freddie loves them but have been wary of letting him have them

    No help at all am I?! Sorry!

  • can i jus add that my lo is 21mths and find she chokes/gags on cheesestrings, think its the texture of them, but she is fine with the dairylea cheese strips. xxx
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