Archie's been in PICU- worst experience ever...

Well Ladies I'm back from nightmare 2 weeks....
Archie was unwell at end of Nov so I took him to emergency Dr who said his chest was clear and it was just a cold. Next day he was still throwing up feeds and was distressed so I took him to my GP who sent him to hosp as a precaution but didn't seem really worried.
Within hours he deteriorated and needed putting on CPAP which is partial ventilation and they started talking about transferring him to a hosp with an ITU cot. He continued to worsen and I was advised to get my husband there as they put him on full life support. We couldn't believe what was happening and the staff were totally panicked as they couldn't stabilize him. Birmingham sent a retrieval team who swept in like ghostbusters with their packs, equipment, machines and incubator. Thank God they arrived when they did as he suffered a respiratory and cardiac arrest and needed resusitation. After we got to Birm he stayed on the life support for 5 days and had another arrest and lots of scary episodes where his heart rate and oxygen levels fell. The staff were fantastic though and we had total faith in them. Last weekend he came off the ventilator and we've just brought him home !!

They diagnosed pneumonia/ bronchiolitis and have tested for whooping cough. They also found he has a small right kidney, shrivelled left kidney and a hole in the heart (ASD).

So scary and totally wiped out physically and emotionally. We couldn't hold him for 5 days and while paralised on the ventilator he couldn't cry/ open his eyes/ feed. Tom was a little star staying with my in-laws and visiting when they could. So nice to get my family home together and am going to wrap them in cotton wool from now on!!! :lol:


  • Oh hun that sounds awful. Thank goodness Archie is OK now and that your GP sent you to the hospital even though they didn't seem too concerned. Best wishes to you and your family!
  • i am soooo glad your wee family is all togethert again. you have certainly been through a hard time, but atleast Archie is better, what a scarry thig to go through, hope you have a great christmas love fiona & hayden
  • oh my goodness, how scary, has really brought tears to my eyes! I hope he fully recovers soon. HUGS x
  • wow what a story camlo!! mothers instinct is always right!!! glad u have got him home now must of been a very scary experience for you sounds like it all happened so quick!
    what are the doing about his kidnes and heart does he need an op or is it okay /?

    love to you all
  • Oh gosh that sounds so scary Can't imagine what it was like to have a poorly lo. Glad all on the mend again now though. Big hugs to Archie for being such a brave boy x
  • Bless him, and you, sounds like such a scary experience but great that your all home together now. I think fate must have put you in the right place at the right time and is another story where your mothers instict what right - you knew something wasn't right and you got him where he needed to be.

    I hope your looking forward to a nice family christmas now

    lisa and louise
  • Oh my God what a horrific experience. You poor thing, no wonder your totally drained being strong and brave for everyone else is knackering!
    Am gald you're all home-will they need to do more for Archie (top name by the way, was the other name on our list but plumped for Alfie instead!) for kidneys etc?
    Know we've never met but sending you all hugs.x
  • What a horrible experience that must have been for you and your family. I'm so glad he is better now and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas at home together.
  • god you've really been through it!

    can sypmathise with being on oxygen due to levels falling as Ollie needed it while he was in, but you must have been so scared with all that happening! It is such a relief to be able to bring them home isn't it.

    sounds like a good GP there! Hopefully they can do something for his heart and kidneys and he'll get better.
    Agree with the cotton wool! :lol: I let Ollie go to nursery and he picked up too many viruses for my liking so he's being kept home for a while till he's really better.

    Sending lots of hugs, make sure you get as much rest as you can because you need to keep your strength up as well.

  • oh babe Im so glad hes home now. Poor little mite! What do the docs want to do about his kidneys and heart?

    Sending huge hugs to you all! xx xx

    Elaine xx
  • Bless you hun that sounds so scary. So pleased your all together, look after each other x
  • oh my gosh thats terrible it must have been awful for you big hugs to you alll xxxxx
  • OMG how scary. So glad to hear he's home now.
    Sending lots of ((((hugs)))) xxx
  • Thanks girls- we knew he had kidney probs before so that wasn't a surprise and he has to have more tests but hopefully nothing major and his heart murmer should also need monitoring only.
  • Awwww hun, can imagine how scary all that must have been for you's to a nice, uneventful family Christmas for you xxx
  • Poor Archie. I can't imagine how scary all that was. I'm glad he's better now. Take care.
    Phil & Gabe xxx
  • Ohh how scary for you all
    so glad you are all home together again
  • Goodness me, what a nightmare you have had.... and poor little archie! It must have been heartbreaking watching him suffer like that! Ive had pnuemonia twice and it is such a harrowing, awful illness, god only knows how a wee little boy coped with that! thinking of you all xxxx
  • ahh god that made me cry, i cnt imagine the terror of watching your child cardiac arrest etc god hope everything is ok with him now and he gets better with the other probs tc xxx
  • So scary hun. I am glad all is well xxxxxxxx
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