9 month ..tantrums

is anyone or has anyone had this with their lo?

grace is 9 monhs and she has turned evil. it just seems loke she is moaning and wingeing all the time.

she has also started having tantrums if she cant have what she wants , for example the lap top. and if we put he down




  • Alf is only 8 months but he is def more expressive if yo know what I mean!!! I wondered if its teething/over tiredness or is it just him telling me what he really thinks?!
    Sorry am a fat lot of use but am sure there'll be some good answers from the lovely ladies! x
  • thanks its just really starting to stress me out and the last thing i want is for me to lose my temper.

    just had an hour of screaming while having tea! she isnt crying its just temper


  • Seriously Alf tests me sometimes I just walk away and come back and he's all smiles and we start again! x
  • You have just described Gabe - he has temper tantrums now as well - if he doesnt want something he shakes his head violently ... if you try and wipe his face and he doesn't want you to, he throws himself backwards. He puts his legs dead straight while changing his nappy so I can't clean him properly arrrgh. And if you take something off him (he also always wants the laptop) then the tears come!!!! Also if he drops food!
    I think its just another stage of growing up!
  • hi chick, i'm mummy to a near 16month old, and she's been tantrum-ing since about 10-11months. Every time she has a tantrum, i have always walked away, gotten one of her toys or books and sat to play with it and said "when you're quite finished, mummy is playing over here if you want to join in" and when she see's me ignoring her and having fun she realises it's just not worth making a fuss, and she'll give in and come over to play!

    it's definately worked, believe me there are still tantrums, but she snaps out of it pretty quickly if she gets no attention!
  • Louise (8 months) is like this too......if I take something away from her or dont let her crawl somewhere she cries. I've I put her in her highchair and dont give her food instantly she winges, I hate the sound of her winging!

    According to my mum once they start being like this you have to teach them and they are ready to learn the meaning of 'no'. otherwise they'll become spoilt!!

    I say 'no' and move her, try to ignore her or make a joke out of things, fingers crossed it's a phase that passes quickly!!
  • eek i have all this to come lol millie is 6 and a half months so not long....
  • jayden has maga tantrums, if i wipe his face he swats my hand away and arches back and screams, if i dont let him have something ie the phone whislt im on it he screams and moans and headbuts things, also if i say no he now knows what i mean and sticks his tongue out and screams lol xxxx
  • Charlotte kicks me, swipes her hands at my arms, and the other day she even pinched (although not sure if she meant to). She's now 14 months and wants everything and if she can't have it..........you know the rest!!
  • Toby is the same has a real temper on him screams when i try to dress him wipe his face or change his nappy .if i take something of him he goes mad and he always wants wot he cant have normally the laptop mobile or remote.i have started putting him in his playpen till he calms down. he head butts the side but it softer than him head butting the floor. it does drive me mad to so i am hoping he grows out of it soon.thought it was ment to be the terrible two hes only one lol
  • Tigerlily... you have described Jonathan to a tee!!! He has driven us mad today ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • omg i think millie had a tantrum 2day kinda shes only 6 and a half months. we were eating out and she dropped her crisp on the floor and started crying! then when i was dressing her for bed my oh brought in her bottle to have for after shes ready and she saw the bottle and started crying ( a werid kinda cry not her normal one) she just stared at it crying i had to distract her little madam!!
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