I said I never would but..........

............I left lo in the car while I paid for my petrol.

I had to get petrol as otherwise I was going to break down before I got to where I was going and she was sound asleep. So, I did something I said I never would and left her in the car while I paid. It wasonly a small petrol station so could see the car the whole time and there was no queue so was really quick.

I said I never would do that but did and don't feel bad about it at all!

What did you say you'd never do but have??

Lisa (who just tried to make a cup of tea with cold water - I wondered why the water wasn't changing colour - lol)


  • i said (before evie was born) that id spend all my time playing with her and entertaining her and i wouldnt ever leave her to her own devices or to get bored....

    yeah right!! there always seems to be things needing done like hanging out laundry or getting myself dressed etc where i need to leave evie to play...

    yesterday silly silly mammy left the loo seat up and was too busy loading the washing machine to notice evie had filled the loo up with clean t-shirts she had pulled from her drawer - *sigh*

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  • I said never be one of those mums who lift up there baby in public to sniff if they have done a poo but im always doing it! :lol:

  • linziMc - sorry but I had to laugh at the image of you finding the loo filled filled t-shirts! lol

    (and I forgot to drink the tea as was feeding lo so now nearly cold anyway lol)
  • I said i wouldnt let Oscar watch tv, but i cant stop him - he even watches it when it's off! I tell myself he just likes the colours, and hopefully when he's old enough to actually watch it it will be old news! x
  • Thank god, I'm normal ! Made a cup of cold tea yesterday, thought I was mad.
    Said I'd never use a dummy but hey ho, needs must at 3am.
    also said I wouldn;t have him in a pair of jeans until he was at least 1 but someone gave me the cutest denim dungarees for him. He's only 8wks and he'll have them on before he's 3 months ! S x
  • I said I'd never prop up a bottle but I did quite a lot on holiday! Not a regular thing though....

    I also said I'd never put lo in his play mat in front of the telly but I do sometimes just to get some peace lol

  • I said after giving birth to Kelsie 'NO MORE CHILDREN'.......11 weeks after her birth, I'm pregnant :lol:

    Don't regret it for one minute though.....

  • i said i would never be one of those mums who takes their kids to school with jogging bottoms on and hair scraped back, well it's a revelation if i get to school on time in my joggers let alone being made up etc!

    Oh and how much by baby had, weeded,pooed or been sick that day-espically to friends who dont have children!
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