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Thea has just been prescribed Infant Gaviscon and I have a few questions. She is bottlefed with C & G comfort which is quite a thick formula. Does the gaviscon make the milk even thicker?? Also did you see an improvement after the first feed using it?

Thanks for your help


  • Well for a moment it seemed like our miracle cure. Thea's always really unsettled in the afternoon. Fed her, put some of the gaviscon in her milk and the rest I put into her mouth before the feed as I was worried it would make the feed to thick.

    Seemed to go well she took less milk than normal but no sick when she burped. For the first time ever she did not cry or throw up when I was changing her nappy. She was shattered and went to sleep with a few little grumbles - success I thought. 1 hour later she is screaming and throwing up just like before and I must admit I burst into tears too. I hate seeing her in pain and I must admit the crying is really taking it's toll on the whole family.

    I will keep using the Gaviscon (I have been given a prescription for ten days worth) and see if there is any improvement if not it is not worth carrying on with it and we will then go from there.

    Any advice appreciated
  • Hi,I agree with Katie I wouldn't be putting the gaviscon directly into her mouth.
    Also you shouldn't use it with a comfort or easy digest formula. Gaviscon shouldn't be used with formula's with thickening agents, whihc these do to help them stay down.
    We made this mistake and increased the teat size as milk was so thick he was taking 45mins to finish a bottle. But now we use normal formula and only put gaviscon in 1st and last bottle of the day adn it has made suhc a difference.
    It definitely takes a wee while to work into lo's system so I would try it for a few days and see how you get on. Good luck. S x
  • Oh i wasn't putting it into her mouth straight from the packet I was making it up as they suggest for breastfed babies and syringing it into her mouth before a feed. The last bottle I just put it in there as per the bottlefeeding instructions. It did make it a little thicker and she took a little longer to feed but it wasn't too bad.

    I rang C & G and they said comfort was ok to use with Gaviscon (although the women sounded a bit dippy). SuzMcH did the Dr tell you not use it with the thicker milks?? My doctor didn't tell me much about it and I suddenly realised when I went to use it that I had loads of Q's.

    I will stick with it for the next few days and hopefully we will see some improvement. She's still gagging on feeds but hopefully a few days and there will be an improvement poor little thing is struggling so much.
  • Hi, I actually think it was someone one here that mentioned not to put it in thicker milks. And when I looked I noticed it does say in the instructions not to put in formulas with thickening agents. I mentioned to hv once and she said probably best to change formula as it might just be too heavy on his stomach.
    I also tried syringing it into mouth as per the breastfeeding instructions and to be honest it was much more effective when mixed with the milk. Hope it gets better. S x
  • hi
    jake has gavison too. I was advised by HV and GP and it also says in instructions/directions for use not to use with milks already containaing a thickening agents. Jake has it with C&G 2, at first was like a miracle cure, but it seems he has become 'immune'! lol. Its still better than before but we need to get back into the quacks to have a review and see if there is anything else they can do.
  • I read that in the instructions which is why I contacted C & G and they said comfort does not contain a thickening agent. I will recheck with the Health Visitor.

    Thea was a lot more settled yesterday but at her 11pm feed she was sick again (although she didn't cry afterwards and was also settled afterwards) same again this morning. I will stick with it until the prescription runs out and then give it a couple of days without to see if it is the gaviscon that has helped her before asking for more. I don't mind the sickness, my eldest was always throwing up it was the fact that Thea seemed in pain and was so unsettled after each feed.

    Good luck at the Dr's Lisajo
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