Phil & teds - which one is best?? Advice please :)


I'm after some advice please. I'm having my 2nd baby and my toddler will be 2 years and 3 months when he/she arrives. I currently have a buggaboo bee (which I love) but I would like double for when baby arrives so thinking of selling my bee image and buying a phil and teds. But my question is which one??

Sport? Vibe? Etc etc there seems to be loads! Do u know the difference??

Any advice greatly appreciated! image


  • Hi
    We are going for the New Phil and Ted Explorer - its only JUST this week come out and also the Vibe has been upgraded as well. Have a look here at these various websites where I found it as they explain the improved features better than I could! and whats better is that you can now bung a maxi cosi carseat on the top with a double kit on the back!,-Double-Kit,-Cocoon-&-Double-Storm-_3758_0_index.php

    I will have an 11 month gap between my two! so I have been searching ever since I got my big fat positive!!! and for me the Explorer fits the bill, but they also do the others, that have had some of the 'blips' fixed, like bigger hoods, better brakes, no more fabric foot wells! etc

    We've test driven hundreds of the flippin things! mountain buggys, first walkers, obaby, out and about nippers, icandys etc etc but we ALWAYS come back to the Phil and Teds and now they just sorted out the things we didn't like about the Sport, Dash and Vibe I am mega happy and we are test driving the new ones on Tuesday! this time I'm coming home with one of them for sure!!!!


  • Oooo thank you so much for the websites. It looks great!! Im def sold!! Thank you x
  • yes defo go for the new one. we had the old sport (just sold) as oldest son can now walk most places. the new one looks great with sun canopy on bk something which i always wanted on the old one!
    have fun shopping xx
  • WOW go for that Explorer, I say! Nearly everything I don't like about our Sport (which isn't much to start with) seems to have been ironed out - the brake and hood especially.
  • Thank u ladies for your help image
  • but be sure to check the height of the seat unit. there is 2 years 3 months between my 2 lo's and he is quite tall for his age, but he is well within the weight limits for a phil and teds and not as tall as a 3 yr old. i went to test this in mothercare, i tried the vibe and the sport, and he looked ridiculous sat on the seat on top, his head came way above the back rest, and with it being a metal bar looked incredibly uncomfortable. xxx
  • right i need a bit more info on phil and teds, although i currently have a britx b-dual for my 2 year old and 5 month old, i am pregnant with next lo and there will only be 11-12 months between my younger 2 and my toddler would've only just turned 3 (and he is very lazy), i can't fit a buggy board on it, also i have every intention of learning to drive before this lo arrives and the britax one is just way too bulky to fit in the back of a people carrier.

    i was wondering which of them can be folded with the second seat attached, because watching demo videos i can only see the vibe doing that??? xx
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