Emergency doctors when not at home

I stopped expressing last week and since then I have been getting all sorts of werid pains in my boobs. I did gradually cut down etc over the period of about 2 weeks. I have also had random leakage, something I never experienced when I was expressing!

I am so worried I am going to get mastitis! How long after you stop feeding/expressing can you stop worrying about mastitis!

Another worry is we are going on holiday on Saturday for 2 weeks. We are going to my aunty's caravan near Lancaster for 1 week and then to introduce Niamh to family in Ireland for the second week. If I was to come down with mastitis while I was away what do I do about seeing a doctor if I am away from home? Thinking about it would also be good to know if Niamh was to become ill too.

If the worse came to the worse I could also make an appointment with my doctor as we are only about hour away from where we are staying in the first week but it would be good to know about how to find out how to contact a doctor away from home. Its something I have never had to do before.

I know the number for NHS direct and of course if it was a real emergency there is always A&E but its the none emergency but need medicine so NHS direct would not be good,

However thinking about it would it be NHS direct that pointed in the direction of the nearest doctor?


  • Hi if you are away and you fall poorly or unwell (as in you need to see a doc but it doesnt warrent A&E) you can walk into the nearest doctors surgery and register as a temporay patient and see a doctor that day.
    Could you see your doctor tomorrow and see if the pains are from an underlying infection before you go away?
  • Hey hun,

    Sorry you are in pain image have you been taking the edge off the fullness by expressing a little? Apparently this can relieve the fullness and pain but not encourage you to produce more milk.

    Have you also tried the hot flannels in the bath etc to help with the pain?

    I would just call NHS 24 if you have any discomfort when you are away. As you say, they will be able to help you find the nearest doctor. Would the people you are going to see be able to advise you of the nearest doctor? Not sure if you could just go along?

    Take care xxx
  • Thanks!

    I don't feel full - thats the funny thing. Just keep getting strange pains.

    The first week its just the three of us but in the second week we are staying with relatives so they would be able to point me in the right direction

  • hmm strange, must be your supply settling down. I suppose after 6 months of intensive expressing it may take your body a little while to settle back down again. I think that if you aren't feeling full and you have no lumps you should be safe from mastitus. But if you do feel any lumps just massage your breast and use a warm flannel to try and ease it. I would just keep and eye on it and maybe see your doctor before you go away just incase there is an underlying infection xxx
  • Walk in to any doctors surgery or ring NHS direct for them to direct you is the best advice I can offer.

    In terms of your pain, have you tried cabbage leaves. I know you don't feel full and your pains seem different to being engorged but I'd give it a go. Just pop a cabbage leaf in your bra for the day or night. It worked for me when I was having some strange feelings.

    As for how long mastistis can strike after you stop, sorry I don't know but I'm guessing it will take a while for your supply to settle down, maybe a few months if you stopped without reducing gradually enough.

    I hope it passes soon and you have a fab holiday xx
  • whilst your away you could use the urgent care centre at the local hospital, they replace dr when not open and also for patients not registered with a local gp. they can prescribe all medication and even if anyone was to have fall or cut that needs seeing to they will treat that to. x
  • Yes you can go to any NHS GP's surgery and register as a temporary patient, you just fill a form in - I've done it a few times when I was at uni etc, registered with uni doctors but needed to see someone during the holidays, plus I used to have the contraceptive injection, and was doing a away from where I normally lived so arranged to have it done at the nearest surgery, it's really easy. NHS direct will be able to tell you where the nearest surgery is if you aren't sure.

    Hope you feel better soon
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