can anyone help? need advice on feeding?

We changed Charlie onto size 2 teats as with size 1 he was falling alseep after a couple of oz. This seemed to work and he was doing really well with his feeds, however since yesterday he seems to store the milk in his mouth and lets its all dribble down his chin or he starts to drink it then seems to spray it back out of his mouth. He also appears grizzly at feed time yet he's wanting his bottle as he's searching and sucking for it. Should I go back to number 1 teats or any other suggestions??


  • hi hun,which bottles is he on and which milk? also how old is he?? thanks x
  • If he was doing ok on size 2 then I wouldn't change back, perhaps he is just having an off day?
  • He is on cow and gate, tommee tippe bottles and is 6 weeks?? He has been fine up till now so could be an off day maybe.x
  • i would stick to size 2 now he's on it. We used size 2 from about 5/6wks and have never looked back. But he is on a comfprt thicker formula. He always dribbles down his chin and also just spits some out. But so long as he's getting enough and seems happy then I wou;dn't worry. Just clean up under his chin after each feed. I didn't realise a little pool of milk had collected there and now he's got a wee rash, poor boy. S x
  • Hi,
    I did this at 6 weeks with Lillith and then after a great week she started crying though she wanted her bottle-after a few bad days we went back to the TT no. 1 teats and she was happy again.

    I tried the 2's again yesterday now she's nearly 11 weeks-started crying again!!

    Lydia xx
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