Help please - 3rd stage of labour

Hi Everyone

I'm training to be an antenatal teacher and I'm doing an essay on the birth of my little girl last March. I remember being surprised when the contractions started again to birth the placenta but I don't know if you're supposed to get pain relief or not. So as you all supported me through my pregnancy I'm here asking for help again.

Can you tell me if you had pain relief for the 3rd stage of labour (the placenta)???

Laura xxx


  • No I didn't - but to be honest I don't remember it being that painful.. although I did pass out right after it!! so who knows! :roll:
  • I did have gas and air during stage 3, but only because my plancenta wouldn't come away and the manual removal was not pleasant; however, it was better than having to go to theatre which was threatened. image
  • i didnt have the gas and air but did have contractions and had to push it out!
  • Hiya

    I didnt have any pain releif for the 3rd stage, it was only nippy when passing the placenta so no pain relief needed xx

    Oh I forgot they also jagged me in the leg..think that was to make it pass?


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  • No pain relief just the injection to help speed up the delivery of the placenta. Can't remember feeling any pain but had torn so mind was on that most probably!
  • Well i had an epidural but it had started to wear off when i was pushing. I didnt feel anything when placenta was delivered but it only took about 30 seconds! I too had the injection to speed things up.
  • i too also had the injection to speed up the delivery, didnt have any painrelief for that part but did get the gas and air back for the stitching afterwards, its all very hazy, dont really even remember passing the placenta, had to ask oh whether i had pain relief for it or not, lol.

  • I didn't have any pain relief for the whole labour and birth (wasn't trying to be a hero or anything, by the time we got to hospital I was already pushing so there wasnt time :lolimage but I don't remember contractions for the placenta stage. I had the injection but they couldn't get it out for a while as my bladder was too full. They used a catheter quickly and were able to get it out after that.

    Sorry that doesn't help much :lol:

    Clare & harry x
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