so upset - our 1st christmas as a family has been ruined!!!!

Hi girls,
I could honestly cry. I've mentioned on here before that my oh runs a pub so by definintion works really long hours and lots of nights. He has an assistant manager and they split shift between them so James usually gets 2 nights off and one day time a week off which isn't great but ok and he was going to have xmas day off for the 1st time in years and take Boxing Day off to see my family who live an hour away. BUT his assistant has gone and broken his bloody leg so has been signed off for 6 weeks!!! this means that for the next 6 weeks, he will be working day and night with hardly any time off including Christmas as most of the staff are students and go home for Christmas. Am so upset, we have no family nearby and so if i go to my mum's, Callum wont see his dad over Christmas but if i stay here, i'm practically on my own. Its so unfair, think i'm going to cancel the whole bloody thing :cry::cry::cry:


  • is there any way the family could come to you?
    I used to have a pub and opened xmas day but my family were here to help with everything and get dinner ready, so i wasnt alone.

    It is unfortunate that its happened now, but there isnt much you can do about it.
    Is there anyone else he could get in for the day to help out? Does he open all day or just a couple of hours....?

    Failing all that, could you get a temp manager in to help, as I'm guessing he will have to get one anyway to cover the shifts the other one would have done

    a broken leg will likely take more than 6 weeks for him to recover from (I was in cast for 12 weeks when i broke mine)

    Sorry, its probably not what you wanted to hear.
  • OOOOOHHHHHHH, i'm sooooooo angry, i know its not his fault but mummysteph, you will know how hard it is to have a life at the best of times, already feel like a single mother most of the time, tbh i'm not really sure how much more i can take being on my own, its really putting an incredible strain on our relationship. My family came to us last year and my mum likes to do it all herself in her house so they won't come here. We were supposed to have some friends over but don't fancy doing it without james.

    he's open 11-3 xmas day but then there's all the clearig up and office stuff, last year we had xmas lunch a 8pm. i know there's nothing i can do, just so pissed off with his bloody job again !!!!!!!! x
  • Aaw i really feel 4 u. My oh is a chef and so also works really long hours as well, so its jst me and lo most of the time as well.
    Mayb if u spoke to ur mum she mite come down, or as mummysteph said try gettin a temp manager in over xmas?
    Hope u mange some sort of xmas
  • you're right i do know.
    I gave up the pub i had when i got pregnant with Ollie because I just couldn't do it anymore.
    it was very hard to get anytime off at all, i think i had every other thursday off, and when i did i was always worrying about the pub.

    It sounds like you might have to have a sit down with your OH and discuss what you both want to happen in the immediate and not so immediate future. You cant go on feeling like you do because he has to work so much, you both need to discuss it fully.
    Is the pub big enough to take on a part time or full time manager to do more shifts? Then they could do day/night shifts and your hubby could do day /night shifts, but much less than he does now.... (as in do maybe 4day shifts and 3 night shifts..... rather than it all himself)

    Not sure what to say about the family.. would they not help out just this once and come to you...? What about his family (or are they a no no?)

    cant really help much except send you big hugs.

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