why does she kick soooo much...grrr

I love Charlotte, she is my world but when she's in her cot either for bed or naps why oh why does she have to kick the sides/ends of the bed so bloody hard?!

All we hear is thud, thud, thud over & over again and it really gets on my nerves especially at night when trying to relax and watch the tv. Does your lo do this (and get on your nerves)?

You'd think with the strength in her legs she'd be walking by now.........:roll:


  • haha I know how you feel but my Alfy just wont stay under the covers he gets in the most strange possitions. The problem is if he gets cold I have to go and sort him out and settle him again only for him to wiggle his way out again. bloody wiggle bum his older brother is the same lol
  • I feel guilty now cos of what was on Comic Relief last night! I have no right to moan.
    Just not feeling very well and am very tired & feel sick (yuk)....hope I haven't got that horrible bug again!!
  • hope you feeling ok babe daisy wakes herself up very easily cus she cant keep still i could do with a cot made from rubber to stop her hurting herself oh and she reguarly gets on my nerves!!!!!!!!!!! but couldnt agree more she is my world too x
  • Feeling a bit better today but very tired and my eyes keep watering and were stuck together a bit this morning when I woke up.
    Charlotte only woke once last night after crawling up the cot and kept banging her head!! If it's not one end its the other!
    A rubber cot - now that's a great idea lol!
  • i know the feeling well and truely! evie also like to stand up and rattle the side of the cot, like, the bit which comes down, because it's wobbly. That makes one hell of a racket and i can hear her swinging it backwards and forwards saying "weeeee, weeeeee" at 3am - NOT GOOD!! lol. i feel your pain

    hope you feel better soon X
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