Bounty photographers????

Hi girls

I was just wondering what the deal is with those photographers who go round the postnatal ward? Is there some purpose for the photos or is it a scam? Are you obliged to pay for a photo of your newborn? How much are they? I wasn't planning on taking any money with me to hospital, but I don't want to seem churlish or pikey!! :lol:

Cxx 38+4


  • Hi,
    Congrats first off! We didn't bother and I just faked being asleep when they came round!! Not that they weren't lovely we just didn't have the money at the time and I think the ones we and the family all took we're just as lovely! Isn't compulsery (sp!) either.
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and see you over here in Baby soon'ish
    Bekkie x
  • Its not a scam - but then again they do have a willing target audiance to make money lol. We had them done because it seemed like quite a good deal - we'd get lots of the same photo in different sizes, and we didn't have many of lo newborn as i'd been quite poorly so wanted them.

    The deal was they'd send them and you send payment back or send the photos back - they came fairly quickly I think but the photo wasn't nice at all so we sent them back and had no problems - just got proof of postage at the post office.
  • You dont have to have any pictures taken. I let the woman take pictures but i didnt buy any, they werent particularly fantastic. I had some professional pictures done of me and lo when she was 6 weeks and they are much nicer.
  • I had them done of my youngest i think the who new arrival pack was around ??35 you get the photos posted to your home then you either send them the money or the pics back, you even get announcement cards to send to people with the pics in. The woman that done charlies to a few different ones then i went through them and picked the best one of them. i wish i had them done for the other two but they didnt do them in the hospital justin was born in and no one came by when i had maya x
  • mine were great!! got all sorts. announcement cards, key rings, different size photos. Great reminder of what they were like as a newborn. xxxx
  • We had photos taken with both of our LO's and like K&F they didnt come out very well so we didn't buy anyway.

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