who got baby to latch on after previously expressing?

a friend of mine is currently expressing for every feed as her baby was born tongue-tied. i know someone on here went through the same and managed to get baby on the breast. i thought it was called rebirthing, but have just googled it and it appears that's not right!!!

does anyone know more about it?

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  • me. hello. nak at the mo, back later!
  • Hi Calleigh

    I did rebirthing during relactation...it involves lying in the bath and someone then places bubba on your tummy (helps if they're quite sleepy I found and hungry but not yet ravenous) and they should naturally start to work their way up to seek out the nipple. It took us a few attempts, but teamed with almost 24:7 skin to skin it really worked for us. I also started using breastflow bottles which are a lot harder to drink from which stopped my lazy little bugger just taking the easy option!


    Just found this link on my favourites - think Maenad gave it to me actually!!

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  • thanks for that. i found some info on kellysmom too. when i googled rebirthing it came up with something a little strange until i added rebirthing for breastfeeding!!!
  • Something I was told was that 4-6 weeks old is the 'magic window' where virtually all babies will latch on again even if bottlefed. It held true for us. Patience and infinite calm are key. keep trying. They WILL get the hang of it!
  • Renri1002 also did relactation quite a while after giving birth, I'm sure she would be happy to answer any questions image
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