Poo - when to worry

Hi LO is 8.5 months.....he has never had an upset tum apart from teething where he might have a few bad nappies.......

However the past 5 days he has started waking in the night again and has poo'ed in his sleep which he has NEVER done before.......

sorry for the TMI but it is either green or yellow and super runny - not once has it stayed in the nappy there is so much and runny. He is also off his food.

I really dont think it is teething this time......

All I can find on the web is about newborn poo.....any ideas for when to worry with poo?


  • As you know, Sam had crazy poo for a while - but wasn't sure if it was the new formula/teething or upset tum. Just to reassure you, it has now stopped - was about a week of it. Looking back I should have taken him to the doctor - especially if the poo is green. I think they say if poo is green more than once, it should be checked out. I think they may even take a stool sample to check for virus?
  • If you haven't changed anything feed-wise, after 5 days I'd take LO to doctors if it were me. Better to check and reassure yourself and make sure he's well
  • The fact that he is off his food also i would take him to the doctors as he could have a tummy bug, it is really watery?

  • Really watery - he popped off in the bath last night and pooed himself.

    Doctors at 10:50 - I have grimly saved a nappy.....do you think I should take it?
  • Hope he's ok. Yep I'd take the nappy, as disgusting as it sounds, they may want to take a sample so saves you having to go back again x
  • How did it go at doctor's? Hope your little man is ok xx
  • how did it go? I took H to the docs when he was pooing at every feed, really liquid etc. About 2 months ago. They took a poo sample so more than likely they will want to with your LO too. It came back fine - it was just a result of different foods/weaning etc. xx
  • How was the appt?

    Beth had this all last week. Many entire outfit changes were needed and she was doing 7 foul poos a day some days. She was also sooo windy too.
    She ate/drank next to nothing and then suddenly 2 top teeth came through. I think she was swallowing loads of drool and it was really affecting her poos. Now the teeth are through the poos are back to normal.
    I was worried in case it wasn't teething as she didn't have red cheeks, was sleeping well and generally happy but it obviously was.

    (3rd top tooth is on the way and is causing waaaay more crying/clinginess but no dodgy nappies - weird)

  • Hope Dr's went ok and they appreciated the nappyimage !!!

    On this note, Sara had a green poo last week and I nearly freaked and legged it to the dr's but then remembered I'd given her brocoli and leek for the first time that day...silly mummy brain!!!

    Let us know how it went

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