Help needed ...

Im wondering what to do about Gabe.

He's very, very poorly. All he did yesterday was scream and didnt sleep.

He is refusing milk, hasn't had any since yesterday afternoon. He's drinking water though and a couple spoons of food ... he is boiling hot. he's even worse today apparently, but I've been out all day with my friends and OH and mil have had him!(I asked if they wanted me back but said no!)

He's been like it before and we think it's a cross between teething and a cold but maybe an ear infection?? I am worried about the temperature. Should we take him to A&E (he is asleep now) if he is still the same on waking?



  • Oh poor Gabe! I would take him to be safe. Have you called nhs direct or your out of hours number? xxx
  • I would praps phone NHS direct first and see what they say, but if your instincts are telling you to take him to hospital then do. Has he had anything to bring his temp down?
  • Hey hun, was wondering how things were as I havent seen you on for a while. Poor Gabe.

    When you say he is boiling hot, what is his temperature? If its high like it sounds, ahve you given calpol to bring it down. (in a+e they will ask if he has been given calopol).
    How much water is he taking? At least hes drinking as this prevents dehydration. Are you getting wet and dirty nappies from him ? Has he been sleeping mroe than normal.

    What did mil do with her children with a high temp out of curiosity?
    Howz everything with you and your man and things? xxx
  • Yeah, he's been having nurofen all day and had a half dose of medised at about 5. It seems to help the temperature for an hour or so and then he gets worse again...He's sleeping at last now, but if he gets worse I am defo gonna call NHS direct, thats a good idea bedhead. Why do they always get poorly at the weekends eh, lol.
  • hi, my little girl has been poorly since wed- really high temp and grumpy, i left it for a bit then yesterday i finally took her to gp as she seemed to be getting worse and my gut instinct told me something wasnt right- turns out she has chest infection, there is so much goin around at the moment so may b worth getting him checked- mayb nothing but u know him best and u know wen hes not his normal self. hope he feels better soon. xxx
  • Nurofen wont help with temp hun as its not an anti-pyretic whereas paracetomol found in calpol is.

    It is difficult to say without knowing teh temperature?
  • Joey....she just gives nurofen (Gabe hates calpol) or medised and wipes him with a muslin run under cold water...He is having wet nappies but not a dirty one yet. He's drinking loads of water, probably about 10oz so far today, they try him with milk first but he refuses. I don't think it's the bottle thats the problem as I tried the milk in his water cup and he refused that as well. Strange!

    Things are OK between us. He is very easily frustrated by Gabe and just let him cry himself to sleep...which I wouldn't have done , but I see his point as he still screams when your holding him so you wonder what the point is trying to soothe him!!!!
  • Our thermometer is rubbish and says everyones temp is 40 C which is why I need a new one ... GAH! I never knew that about nurofen!! Hopefully the medised will help as that has paracetamol in it, if not I will try calpol again.
  • Oh babe Poor Gabe. I agree with Bedhead. We had to call NHS direct yesterday as Alf was boiling hot and uncomfy and to be honest hadn't been himself all day. They gave us really useful advice and both of us felt better that we were doing the right thing. Hope he feels better soon and let us know how he gets on.
  • Poor Gabe, hope he's feeling better soon.

    Lauren used to suffer with Ear infections a lot which always sent her temp soaring. Calpol worked well but she also needed to be stripped down to her nappy and in a cool room with no blankets. I'd feel dreadful but within 20 mins the temp would be gone - this is what they did when she was in hospital with it, they even had a fan blowing directly at her. But once the temp was gone you wouldnt belive she'd been ill at all.

    Keep your eye that your mil doesnt wrap him up even more as when we were young it was thought that this was the thing to do, my mum still tries to bundle the kids up with a temp even though I've told her its a big no no.

    Hope he feels better soon.


  • A combination of calpol and nurofen is the only thing that brings my DS's temp down. Give him the max dose for his age and alternate them so he's having something every 2hours as this keeps temp under control. Our doc actually prescribed nurofen for the fever so not sure why he'd do that if it has no effect on the temp like someone said??? Other things you can try are stripping him down to just nappy and sponging underarms, wrists, neck and groin area (strange but true!) with tepid water. Never use really cold water as it can send them into shock. Get a fan on him and if temp doesn't drop go to a&e, better safe than sorry.
    Hope lil man's better soon.
  • hope he ok hun faith not well high temp and not eat not good for faith. i would ring NHS direct and see wont they say they might get doctor out to you sending big hugs hun
  • hi babe sorry havnt posted earlier but been at work today. Daisy had high temp few months ago and nhs were v helpful they will prob ask you what temp he is though and as your thermometer not working it might be adviseable to nip him down a and e sat night full of piss heads though so go earlier than later. doctors kept us in for few hours when we went to see if they could get dasiy temp down. Now im not saying different to Joey but my doc gave her ibruprofen which is what i thought nurofen was? and a combination of this and calpol brought it down. They told me to alternate the doses of calpol and nurofen when we got home as a temp can last for few days. if you worried babe take him with us its different we dont want to waste anyones time but he is too precious x
  • Well, he must have known mummy was home as he's been a lot better. He has still been very grizzly but the medised he had at 5 has helped with the temp. He's eaten a bit of bread and butter & a few spoons of rice pudding, but still no milk, oh well. He's just gone down & I gave him medised & nurofen so I hope that will help him sleep too!!

    Thanks for the advice - really hope he sleeps well & wakes up refreshed now. Im worried about him still but dont think hes bad enough to go to hosp at the min, like how he seemed earlier, according to OH!
  • Apologies, just looked it up at nufrofen is anti-pyretic. I was going on the info for adults in hospital. If high temp u give parcetamol to bring it down. Wwll u learn something new everyday!

    Good to hear he is a bit better, was missing mummy obviously.
    Also pleased to hear things are going ok between you two image xxx
  • Glad he's feeling better - it could be an ear infection or just a bit of a bug. Cole has had a high temp with an ear infection where we rushed him to the emergency docs at 7pm cause we panicked at the temp of 39.1, but last weekend he just ran a temp for a couple of days off and on with a cold and cough. What zoe said is what we were told to do for his temperature with alternating calpol and ibuprofin/nurofen every 2-3 hours.

    If he won't take calpol could you get him a generic brand infant paracetamol?? Co-op pharmacies do a cherry flavoured (allegedly) one which cole seems to prefer to calpol - its the same stuff but half the price for almost twice as much!!

    If you are at all worried though definately call nhs direct - they are really good at going through stuff with you to see if its serious or not and giving advice

    hope he has a good nights sleep and feel sbetter in the morning
  • Hm just wanted to add actually - some docs seem to rate alternating paracetamol and ibuprofin every 2-3 hours for reducing temp, and some have said to me that it doesn't work and to just stick to calpol.

    I guess every lo is different but for me if i need to i'll alternate them every 2 hours and it also sseems to work for cole - although i only give ibuprofin if i need to cause the doc said it can irritate the stomach and what with his reflux and all i try and avoid it.
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