Constipated (sorry if tmi)

Louise hasn't really pooed sinceTuesday evening. Yesterday there was nothing and today there have been (sorry tmi) 3 small balls of poo. It's not unusal for her to not poo one day but the solid small balls are unusual. And she's a bit grumpy.

I gave her apple and pear puree (alongside finger foods) in hope it would help and lots of water. I've tried givingher a little juice in her water but she didn't like it.

Any other ideas?




  • I mix fruit in Gabe's breakfast every day to avoid constipation ... since he's dropped a bottle and eats more food, he seems a little constipated too.
    Prunes are supposed to be good. You can add prune juice to some breakfast cereal or baby rice to help her 'go' or dilute it in water.
    'P' fruit in general - pears, peaches, prunes.
    Also try and limit yogurts and cheese if she has them as dairy can constipate them. Not saying don't give her any yogurt but maybe substitute one for fruit puree instead until she's back to normal
  • thanks, she's gone off yogurt but does have cheese cut ino strips and dairylea!

    another pear and apple puree for dinner then!
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