Grobag Cotbed Duvet- At what age??

Hi Girls,
Hope you're all well? I actually don't know if I should be posting this in here or in Toddler... what a scary scary thought that I may no longer have a 'baby' and have a 'toddler' instead!!

Anyway... my question is, at what age can I put Ollie in bed with a duvet? He's nearly 1 and is such a wiggle bum that I've been looking at getting the Grobag duvet set which basically all zips together so they can't come out of it!!

I just wondered at what ago any of you ladies started using a duvet set rather than grobags. Ollie really doesn't like the grobags anymore because they kind of backward strangle him when he tried to stand up (if you see what I mean??!)

xxx :lol:


  • hi, i think recommendations are pillows and duvets can be used from one year old. ds is 17months but still loves his gro bag, will probably switch to a duvet a month this winter, a month or so before the sides come of his cotbed (as might bea bit difficult for him to get in and out of bed if in a bag still lol) xx
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