Ok ladies!

What do you recommend to get rid of the orange staining???

We have finally found some savoury stuff that Tommy likes but we are all now wearing orange stained clothes lol! Before I go wasting money on stuff that doesnt work I just wondered what you can recommend!


Love Lee


  • If you are using non bio washing powder, try switching to biological for one wash. It's much better at getting out stains, particularly food stains.
  • hi lee Try it called De-Solv-it i got from tesco and it work some one recommend it when i started weaning faith i fine it has got the stains off but it does smell
  • We just use bio powder for the orange things as non bio is useless at getting stains out. Gabe isnt a messy eater tho so its only his bibs and muslins that are stained & I don't mind too much xx
  • I find that Napisan is really good for stains!
  • Soak overnight in bio powder and hot water is what I tend to do before putting it in a normal wash. That worked a treat for coles facecloths which were looking really manky!! Now I have tigger facecloths though and they are orange!!

    Anything really bad I try and wash with the nappies as they go on a 60 wash with napisan in with the detergant and that usually does the trick
  • Soak the clothes in a solution of milton and water - I've had to do that with loads of Poppys things!! It does work and I happen to love the smell!!!
  • Fairy green soap is amazing!! and cheap to! Put it on b4 wash, i use non bio and it still gets the stains out
  • De-solv-it works EVERY time but does stink! It's in a small spray can, about 6 inches tall. mainly Navy blue in colour with a navy blue lid and I have bought it in Tesco, Sainsbury's and Wilkinsons. It costs ??1-94 in Wilki's, 4p cheaper than the other 2 places. I bought another 2 cans today cos I NEVER want to run out of it!! Lol
  • Someone on here before recommended green fairy soap so I bought it and I thought it was very good. I have started to put vanish into my wash at times as well.
  • i wish i'd read this about 4 hours ago!! i've just thrown out 3 school white shirts due to my 4 yr old wearing more pasta sauce than he gets in his mouth!! just as well they dont cost the earth!!

    otherwise, got no tips at all Lee! sorry!!
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