Grown adults...

...acting like kids!

We were at McDonalds earlier and both me n hubby were in hysterics. I like blowing the paper straw wrapper off the straw and trying to hit him with it as it flies through the air! All very well, but we're both 31 and have 3 kids now....and were getting some strange looks from miserable ppl!
Do you do anything childish that makes you laugh but you know you really shouldn't be doing now??!


  • Marks just looked over my shoulder & asked if I do anything thats not childish!!! Cheeky bugger!! I'd do anything for a giggle though xx
  • I was at uni today and we had to do some stuff on flip chart paper and reort back in an hour. In that hour I thoroughly enjoyed bopping as many people as possible (that I knew quite well) on the head with my rolled up paper! I did warn them I was in a mischievous rebellious mood though so that was my excuse!! image
  • Oh and me and my friend used to go up to people in town and say with a very serious concerned expression, "The world is orange, I am blue". Haven't got a clue where that came from and I'm well embarrassed now, we were about 19 at the time!
  • Oooh and another one! (sorry!) Me and oh have been known to beep the horn and wave at random strangers when we're driving past, you'd be amazed at the amount of people who wave back to make themselves look popular, lol!!
  • When i was heavily pg it was me & oh anniversary and we went out for a nice meal. Anyway there were lots of people there, some obviously on dates, and we made up names and jobs for them...Sounds silly but it was hilarious. There was "Sarah" and "Dave" who were clearly on a blind date and not enjoying it. Haha. Sorry, this makes us sound really weird! xxx
  • sometimes i squeeze my oh boobs and shout "milk milk" like off the cravendale advert, he thinks its ridiculous but i think it hysterical! also wen i was younger i used to stick me head out of the window of my friends car and shout at people "dave! dave!" and wave like i knew them and hadnt seen them for ages it was so funny to see people wave back...idiots!!! lmao!
  • Have to agree with loopylass about the beeping the horn thing, ive never seem anyone yet who has not waved back! lol. it even works when you shout a name and wave at people even though it aint their name! :lol:
    Caz x x
  • OMG Tigerlilly, I'd forgotten I used to do that in Mc.Donalds as well!! Although you get allsorts in Mc.Donalds these days......don't you alioli??!!!
  • Lol, yes Loopylass, it's certainly gone downhill from the exclusive haute cuisine place it once was....!
    We've just done the beeping horn thing now coming back from tesco! At some ppl carrying huge bananas!!! And they thumbs upped us!
    Think i've found ppl of a similar mental age as me!?!
  • Just think of how we can get our own back on our darling lo's for all the sleepless nights they've caused us by embarrasing them with childish stunts like these, mwahahahaha!!!! LOVE IT!!
  • I waved back at some people beeping their horn at me a while ago....until I realised they had been waving and beeping at a bloke mowing his lawn opposite! imageops:
  • hahahaha... well.... tonight when we all got back from my MIL's house i noticed we'd had our new brown wheelie bin delivered and it was outside the back door.... and as OH was unlocking the backdoor... i peeped in the new bin and it was all clean... so i climed in! and shut the lid and i found it so hilarious i just couldnt stop laughing... he then thought it would be funny to not help me out, and im only 5"3... so i was proper bloody stuck in the wheelie bin, wasn't funny after about 5mins! LOL. thats actually embarrasing to admit, what a pratt... but in my defence im still a teenager... well... untill june 22nd... so only just
  • Ha! I'd do something like that too LinziMc! I love hiding and sh*tting my hubby up....and now we've started doing it to the kids (evil parents!). We went on the park a few weeks ago and Charlie (5)was running on ahead and Alfie and Gracie were in a pram/buggy each so we were both pushing a child. Hubby said, let's hide behind a tree, so we did, us and the prams...and poor Charlie papped himself when he couldn't see us! He started crying and i ran out and hugged him, bless!
  • Hi, I like to try and sneek up on my oh and make him jump, because he does it to me often without really meaning to and as I am a nervous person if someone makes me jump I scream and quite literally shake from head to foot. The only problem is that when I am sneaking up I hold my breath for some strange reason, then start to giggle at myself. My husband always knows I am there but I stil find it funny. LOL
  • Me and my mum find it very amusing to set off as many of the toys as possible in the shop and then leg it, probably really annoying for anyone else but makes us giggle like 2 year olds!

    Also got caught scooting on the trolley down the aisle of Asda the other day.

    Oh and my mean streak makes me do things like when someone points someone out and says something like ' god they look awfull' I turn round and tell them it's my auny/uncle and really enjoy the embarrassed look on their face!
  • Linzimc, I'm still a teenager until wednesday! Lol ...

    I never did this but my younger sister used to nick gnomes from peoples gardens, put a gnome on someones front step, ring the bell and run off! Haha...I told my dad about it and he bought her a garden gnome for her birthday, great present not! xxx
  • haha like loopylass me and oh do enjoy beeping and waving at random strangers, its sooo funny to see their reactions, we also both go on the swings to, one of us will push tegan in baby swing while the other goes on the other swing...good fun lol x
  • i'm having a giggle just thinking about it, but oh and i bought cheapo water pistols, and were driving around with the sunroof open, every so often oh would fire the water out the sun roof and it would do a sort of loop onto peeps queuing outside clubs, it was so funny watching them look up at the sky for rain!....................... we actually had them in the boot when shopping and when loading bags in i grabbed the pistol ready to fire hubbie, hit a passer by instead by accident, it was sooooo embaressing but we couldn't help but laugh...(am 27!)
  • i will never grow up !!! we do pip and wave when we see a group of people pip the horn and wave the other way so you are waving at nobody lol its so funny haha
  • OMG i'm so glad im not the only immature one! My n my OH play the 'mieow' game where we have a conversation with a stranger and see if they notice the occasional mieow added in! trying to keep a straight face is sooo funny! And Tiger lilly is used to do the same as your sister! I had this batty old lady live down the road ( a real '40 cats' type) and she had this obsession with gnomes! Just to see her face when the gnome was looking up at her would send me and my OH into hysterics!

    Also... i think the most pathetic... to bark at passer-by's dogs when theyre not looking! haha!

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