Holiday with 6 month old baby...has anyone done it? tips pls

Hi All!
We're going to Spain for a long weekend in May...our son will be 6 months old then so probably started weaning. Flying easyjet so want to only take hand luggage to save pennies.
Has anyone flown recently and taken baby food and cartons of babymilk on board?
Going for 5 days - any tips on brands of food to take?
Any other holiday tips?


  • hey,

    I dont think you'll be able to take cartons of baby milk because of the liquid rules. you'd have to taste them all! How about finding out what you can buy once you get airside.

    As for weaning - it depends on what your lo likes to be honest!

    We went to centre parcs fpr a mid week break and couldn't of carried everything we needed as hand luggage.......but I guess we didn't need to so ddn't try!

    one tip is to take your lo's cot sheets - the place your going may not provide them but it also will make sure your lo feels more secure as can smell home.

    Sorry I havn't been much help!

  • fab suggestion to find out what can buy airside!
    and I like sheets idea too. thanks!
  • i've only ever taken powder and water and been asked to try it. was also asked to try the sealed jar food (bleugh!! what do we feed our lo!!)

    english baby milk is not common at all there, but they do have baby food in jars like we do -there own ranges, but they are ok (or so my lo thought!). tbh, i would only take enough food until you can get to a supermarket!

    you can get pampers / huggies nappies and wipes from most supermarkets - when we go away, we no longer take toiletries, as we can get them all there, so that could be less for you.

    usually to travel on the plane, i just have lo baby bag full of a couple of nappies, wipes, sacks, food, milk powder & water that she would need for the journey, plus toys, as 2 1/2 hrs with a lo on your knee - even that small!! - can feel like 5 hrs!!

    i hope you have a fantastic weekend, and i am soooooooooo jealous!
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