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When did you put your baby in forward facing stroller mode?

Hugo is now nearly 7 months and is starting to get really antsy when he's in the stroller for more than 10 minutes. I have been putting this down to the heat as when I pick him up his back is really hot and sometimes a bit sweaty. Am now wondering whether it's because he wants to be facing forwards rather than facing me so he can have a good look around. But part of me thinks he's still too young!!

For those with forward and parent facing systems, what age did you put them forward facing?


  • LO was about 19 weeks when she started getting a bit cramped in the pram mode so we switched to pushchair mode which is forward facing, and she loved it being able to nose around while out and about. There was a time when as soon as we started walking with her in the pram she'd fall asleep but as the weeks went on she got more nosey and interested and so she really enjoyed being in the pushchair sat up a bit to see what's going on.
  • i'm with the other 2 mummies above! mine LO went in hers at 13 weeks as she's just really nosey lol i do have a second travel system now that is parent facing but i only use that one when it's very hot&sunny as it has a really good sunshade on it. but otherwise she's in her forward facing one and loves it xx
  • erm, i havent yet! and she is 15 months old. infact she grew out of her last perent facing pushchair so i have just bought another parent facing pram as i belive that for my daughters developement, its the best option. i constantly talk to my daughter whilst we are out and her speach is so developed that people cant belive how young she is.

    we have turned her forward facing a few times when we went to the zoo etc but that was only for a few hours.

    there is nothing more i detest seeing is parents out with their children and see absolulty no interation between them at all.

    just my personal opinion which i'm allowed (better put that disclaimer as i know how this forum can react)
  • My DD is almost 9 months and she's still in the pushchair part (iCandy Apple) facing me and I have no intention of facing her away. I love seeing her, I can talk, sing etc and we get to interact. She can still see plenty that's going on around her too. When I purchased my pushchair system, the main thing for me was that baby would face me.

    I have to agree with sleepybeccie,I don't like seeing babies (young ones particularly) being faced away from their parent. I don't see why you would?? That's also just my opinion, I don't like getting into debates on here image xx
  • about 12 weeks, he would rather have a nosey than stare at me all the time, he can do tha at home!
  • DD1 was about 4 months but DD2 was about 10 weeks old! she loves having a nosy when we are out and about.
  • DD was about 15 weeks when I put her in the "big" buggy part of her travel system! I don't do it all the time, but if we're out for a long period of time (shopping centre, zoo etc) then she goes forward facing!

    I find she gets too hot and sweaty in the car seat all the time! Plus it's nice for her to see the world and not mummy all the time!

  • My LO is six months and still facing me - I won't be turning it around until she tells me to!

    B x
  • I'm going to face LO the way he's most happy, secretly I hope that will be parent facing! x
  • We went on a couple of trips to London when he was three and eight months when he went in a lightweight pushchair which was forward facing. I switched our travel system pushchair to forward facing at about a year and actually I wish I had waited a little longer. He loves watching what is going on but he wasn't demanding it so I could have waited. Now he doesn't want to face me at all, and keeps twisting around to see what is going on (and grab things off the shelf at the supermarket :lolimage. But I have lots of friends whose los are still facing them and I rather miss having him that way round.
  • just wanted to add that if your buggy only does parent facing in a car seat then its kinder on their backs to not use the CAR seat on a pram. but again just my opinion. x
  • Lizzie is 6 months and we have today just brought a zapp stroller for the time i need to just nip out of car rather than long trips as she is too heavy for me to carry (17lbs) so 99% of the time is she still facing me in her pushchair (stokke xplory) and she loves it as we talk all the time-i talk she screeches back at me and laughs.
    I think the thing is (personally,lol) its fine to have baby fcing either way but if its long trips then its nicer to have interatcion with them facing you but most people dont have babies out in pram all day anyway so an hour facing forawrd taking in the rest of the world wont cause any harm x
  • Eeek - Ben is nearly 11 months and still facing me most of the time (icandypech). I just love lookng at him!
    I sing to him and am generally just silly. One of our criteria when looking for a pram was for one that was easily changeablee between rear and forward facing though.
    If you feel your LO wants to be looking out at the world then go for it . You can always switch back if you want.
  • I have silver cross 3d and 10lb babies. They don't mix. The pram liner is so small ds2 was in it until 8weeks! I hated putting him forward so young, however when we bought pram for ds1 there weren't the parent facing pushchairs on the market. I really want one!!

    Plus ds2 spent a lot of time in side by side double buggy anyway!

  • my lo wa about 6months old, and she LOVES it! i dont feel the need to be able look at her all the time, i would rather she looked out onto the big wide world and took it all in. we live in a beautiful place so seems silly to not let her see it all image
  • My lo has been in the forward facing pram since about 3 months and she is fine with it. If it had an option of parent facing then I probably would have kept her that way round for a while longer but even though we still manage plenty of interaction and if we are out for a long time she will spend some of it in the carrier anyway.

    We did the same with dd1 and her development wasn't hindered at all, she just got her first school report today and it says 'she is consistently working above the Early Learning Goals' in all areas. So I don't think which way they face in a pushchair is such a difinitive thing in their develpment.

    Face them which ever way they are happiest :\)
  • Hi,
    My LO is 9 months and I just moved to front facing about a month ago and he loves it.
    I still constantly speak to him and tell him what we are seeing. He can now say 'car' and says it to all the cars passing him. image
    You could always see if he likes it and chenge back if he doesn't.
  • I still have my ds facing me and he's almost 14 months. Like sleepybeccie I think its really important to have that interaction and research has been done to prove this. I'm currently looking at buying a new pushchair but will only buy one that faces me! x
  • we have recently bought a silver cross pop for dd for our mini break as our icandy in the boot wont allow us to take anything else! anyway, i have teken her around where we live twice in it as it's suitable from birth in the lie flat mode and she is quiet as a mouse. i look at her through the hole in the hood and she is just led there. when she is facing me in her carrycot she is smiling all the time and babbling to me, so i have personally noticed the difference. i cant wait to put her in parent facing stroller to give her more view of the world and still be facing me, but she is too young for that yet at 16 weeks.

    tbh im not conviced about the rresearch. wo is the cohort? did they use parents with the same parenting skills? did all the children get the same interaction with their mums when not in the pushchair to make the research fair? i dont know if that was done so dont know how much of it is that the children used in the research facing forard had parents who didnt interact with them at all.
  • for what it's worth here is a reference/some info on the research...

    All down to personal choice if you ask me. Bubs faces me as often as possible (we use a rear facing Quinny Buzz in town but away facing phil & teds on rough ground) and I love it (and she seems to enjoy having a chat and a sing). Will be keeping her that way for as long as possible

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