Need Your Help Please Ladies (also in BIO)

I am trying to create a "baby related" quiz for my friend's baby shower - but am struggling with questions.

So was wondering if you lovely ladies would mind giving me some ideas.


K x


  • what kind of thing were you thinking about hun? was it ccoulf you give us a sample question and we can go from there? xx
  • I have a 15 page booklet with quizzes and games if you would like it? It's a powerpoint document.

    Email me if you are interested and I will send it to you x
  • i did one recently where we had a page of celebs as babies then another with names and you had to match them up, there were more names than pics which was tricky x

    we also did the a-z game where we has 2 mins to get a baby related item in all the slots x
  • Thanks - I actually found a good website with some ideas - and I've done lots of questions based on children's tvimage

    I've also done a name the celebrity baby quiz ...

    Think we'll try that A-Z too - thanks again x
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