stewing apples. advice asap

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  • hi sorry for the urgency but i have some apples in some water on the hob and wondering how long they take to be stewed/soft ready to puree??

    Also, would apple go with butternut squash? or should i just stick to banana xx
  • Annabel Karmel says 10 mins! Had to go check cause I can't remember...we did that many different things at once!

    Is butternut squash a fruit or a veg? I'm not actually sure. I think I'll probably mix fruit with fruit & veg with veg whenw e get round to mixing stuff. The AK book suggests cooking apples with cinnamon sticks which sounds quite nice..think i'll try that next
  • Hi ya I cook apples until they go sort of transparent then drain and mash with a fork they go pretty mushy

    Butternut squash is a vegetable (although it has seeds so technically its a fruit...) but my LO can't get enough!! I cook it with pear usually about half as much pear as butternut squash.
    Also LO (he's 6 months now) loves sweet potato, parsnip & carrot; avocado on its own; peas, carrots & swede but he hates bananas! :\(
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