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Hi hun

Hope you and Lacey are doing well!

I think I remember you saying that you got the Bugaboo Bee for Lacey and was wondering how you have been getting on with it? Do you do any off road walking with it? How flat does it actually lie?

We got a Britax Vigour 3 for Daisy-Mae, which was brilliant as a pram. However, now we've got her in the pushchair unit, although it says it is suitable from birth, it doesn't actually lie flat. You can put the whole seat flat but because the unit is moulded, Daisy's legs are still quite high. She likes to sleep, does my daughter (!) and she is finding it increasingly uncomfortable to sleep in this, plus the seat unit is massive, and although she has very long legs, she a real tiddler and keeps falling to one side in it. You can't get an insert for it either so she ends up with a blanket shoved behind her head - not great!

I really want a parent facing pushchair and there aren't many around that go off road - so was wondering how you get on with yours? Are there any drawbacks to it?

Thanks hun...

C xxx


  • hi mrs buttons im gatecrashing your thread but i have the bugaboo bee in pink and absolutely love it especially for the more petite baby as you will get lots more use out of it lola-mae is 14 weeks and sleeps so well in it when we are out we use the cocoon in it with the top zipped off so its more comfy. its not 100% flat the back is raised about 2 inches but as my little one sleeps great in it i would highly reccomend it any questions feel free to ask if chloe doesnt get on
    claire x
  • Hi Claire!

    How are you guys doing? Can't believe how much life has changed since the days of all day vomit, can you?!!!

    Maybe I got it wrong and it's you that had the Bee, not Chloe - I'm suffering from Baby Brain!!!

    Thanks for your feedback... Sounds good! Do you ever go off road in it - say on fields or tracks etc? I'm not sure whether I'll be able to use it to walk the dog, for example.

    Also, do the wheels lock for when you are off road?

    If I get one, it'll so be the pink one! It's so cute - I did try Daisy-Mae in one last week and she looked so comfy in it compared to hers, then I felt the need to buy it there and then!!!

    C xxx
  • i know i can completely forget the constant sickness now i have my little girl oh wants another (so not gonna happen lol). Not sure if chloe has the bee too think she had a 3d at 1st. I go to the park lots and use it ive never had trouble but it is described as a city pushchair so not sure how you would get on off road. The wheels do lock (had to check the manual as never done it ) .Like i said before i would reccomend it to anyone i love having lola-mae facing me too. They do say it goes up to 4 years i put my petite 4 year old in it to try it and couldnt use the hood (although why you would want a 4 year old in a buggy i dont know) good luck im sure you wont be dissapointed ive had about 15 different pushchairs between my 3 girls and this one is by far the best the steering is so light i love it.
    claire x
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