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When should I change teats on TT bottles?

Morning all

Well, the title says it all really...

Daisy-Mae is now 14 weeks and we're still using number 1 teats on our Tommee Tippee bottles.

She's never been particularly fast to take her bottle or even that bothered about her milk to be honest! She takes it well but it takes a good while - normally half an hour or more for anywhere between 4 and 7 ounces. I think she gets tired of sucking and so doesn't bother taking any more of it - too much like hard work for the most laid back baby in the world!

So, when are you meant to change the teats and do you go to number 2 or the vari-flow ones?

Thanks ladies

C xx


  • i think i read somewhere that u change the teats when it takes them half an hour to finish a bottle...JJ is still on size 2's at 9 months old and is quite happy with them (when he wants to drink :roll: ) x
  • think lolah was 12wks when we changed teats, then changed to size3 at 6mths. now she guzzles her milk down. xxx
  • Hi girls,

    Thanks for your advice. So, I tried the number 2 teat - Daisy took 5.5oz in about 15 minutes!!! It's a record!

    However, she was quite sick afterwards and when she was sucking, the teat was going inside out (if you know what I mean - can't think of how to explain it!!!).

    Should I stick with it or change again?!

    Thanks girls, don't know what I would do without this site!!

    C xxx
  • Hey hun.
    Have you considered using the vari-flow teats? I've been using them with Abby since she was about 6 weeks old and they are fabby!
  • What is the difference between normal ones and vari flow then?
  • we found JJ was sick for a while with the size 2's and eventually we went back to size 1's, he obv wasn't ready at the time cuz when we tried him with the 2's again he was fine with them....the vari-flo teats let out milk at the speed the baby is sucking rather than just coming out however they suck x
  • Floyd is 18months and he has a mix of 1 & 2 teats. he only has a bottle at night tho, he;s never been fussed about the speed of milk coming out!!

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