Period - Tampons - HELP!!


Apologies in advance if T.M.I!

Have been bleeding on and off for a week or so. Not much blood at all, only needing to wear a thong liner. Last night was bleeding loads heavier so put in tampon. Only problem is it does't feel right :lol: I can't explain it, but it really hurts as I put it in. Had Jack nearly 6 weeks ago, and am having sex perfectly fine image but wondering why putting tampon feels so strange? It's never felt like this before? Has anyone else had this? Did it wear off over time?

Got my 6 week check up on Tuesday, and really don't want to mention it to GP. He is sooo good looking (younger version of Robson Green) and I think I'd feel all giggly if i did :lol:

Thanks for listening girlies image



  • Have to say using a tampon is still a bit weird and my lo is 20 weeks old. Did read somewhere they (whoever they are!) reccomend that you wait till after your 6 week check up to use tampons so maybe try again next month? x
  • after the firstmonyh or two i used tampons as they didnt feel right. It did take me a while to feel oh.
  • I used tampons 6 weeks after having Gabriel BUT I had a section so things are the same 'doon there'! I would wait a few weeks and see how it goes - if you're having sex fine (which I'm amazed at with a baby & newborn!), then I doubt there's a problem hun xx
  • Thanks honeys. Least I know I'm not a freak now :lol:


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