who had the sweep that worked first time??....

im being offered this in a couple of days if my little one doesnt want to arrive by herself...
ive heard nothing but negative feedback... so wondering if this has actually worked for anyone first time???



  • Mine did!

    I had an lo who wasn't engaged, my cervix was high and quite hard, but the mw did her best. Had my sweep at 11.30am, waters broke at 7.30pm and my baby was born at 6.03am.

    So I have nothing but good things to say about sweeps, as even though the mw thought it would do no good, it kick started my labour!
  • Didn't work first time but I think it deffinately helped me go into labour instead of being induced.
  • thanks ladies...
    keep em coming!.....
    ive got to decide whether i have on this thursday...
    thanks again
  • with Zach i had a sweep on the thursday and i was already 3cm dilated (no pains!), had a massive show that evening and i was in labour by 6am on Friday. Worked for me! x
  • didnt work with my 1st 2 but with max it did, had sweep at 3pm and started at 9pm that night! was 10days late mind!
  • i have a sweep booked at 9.40 am next mon when i will be 40+4.

    do you think that is too early to have a sweep? ive had a good pregnancy so no problems.

    my hub will be away til 10pm that day so i dont want to go into labour without him being there!!

    do you think i should delay the sweep til after 41 wks??

    grateful for any advice


  • Definitely try it. Can't hurt at the end of the day!
  • mine worked i had it on the sun afternoon went into labour on the mon Lexie was born tues 18:58
  • I had a sweep with my second little one I was 39+6 so 40+4 isn't to early. I had mine that early as I had been in mild labour for 11 weeks and MW said she thought it was time to give me a little bit of help ( abit too late in my eyes) but she sweeped at about 10am and I was in full labour by 7pm gave birth at 11.40pm
    so no bad words about sweeps
  • sweep worked for me... had it at 10 am had contractions within hours, had huge show the next day, contractions continued. had to have waters broken. Had my lo the next day. Was a long labour but the sweep kicked things off nicely

  • righteo... i think ill go with it this thursday then...
    ill be 40 +4 too pookeys aunty... so we will have to keep in touch and see how we go....
    thanks ladies for all the replies
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