ventura plus infant car seat - info needed

Can anyone tell me if the car seat that goes with the silver cross linear freeway will fit in a vauxhall mervia the car we are thinking of getting. We tried it yesterday in hubby's car citroen xsara and it fitted in that just.

Thanks if anyone can help.



  • Not sure, but we did have a focus which it fitted in but the passenger seat had to be forward as it didnt fit on the seat behind the driver and the seatbelt was slightly short......

    We now have a Zafira and it fits that lovely, nice long seatbelt and plenty of room.... The mervia is a baby zafira isn't it? Both made by Vauxhall, you might get away with it!
  • do you have the car seat already? as if you do you can take it to a car showroom and they should let you try it - a car supermarket place let us try ours in lots of different cars.

    It fits well in the vw golf. It also fits in the mini one but the passenger seat has to be quite far forward.

    good luck!
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