Wish me luck! (im in for a bad night)

Ok so im really fed up with harri waking in the night and not really wanting food, so tonight im making up a really weak bottle like my hv said and not giving in to feeding him a proper bottle. im just gonna offer the crappy weak milk and if he dont like it tough and we are going to persevere so maybe in for a bad night! but im gonna try real hard! WISH ME LUCK GIRLS! may be on here looking like death warmed p tomorrow morning xxx


  • Good luck Sweetie!! I hope that it works out.

    Denise xxxx
  • Good luck! I'm sure for the first night or 2 it will be quite tough but it will be soooo worth it in the end when you're getting a descent night's sleep and feel like a human being again!! :lol:
  • yeah just got to power threw .....like rocky did lol. feeling strong! ....dunno about at 3am tomorrow morning tho...ill try my hardest xxx
  • good luck hun...let me know how this goes, i might try it as matthew has started waking to xx
  • Aah good luck hun.

    I'm hoping for a better night as Ruby took 4oz of hungry baby milk for the first time tonight. I'm getting desperate.
    Me and hubby have got a really big day tomorrow, we're going to meet the Queen and having a garden party with her and a few other Royals! We've been looking forward to this for ages but i'm dreading how much make up i'm gonna need to cover up my bags! I'd much rather just stay at home now in my PJ's!

    Good luck for tonight, i'll be thinking of you at 1am... then 2am and every hour till 7!

    Amy xx
  • How did your night go? Did the C&G work before bed-time? xx
  • it was rubbish! he wouldnt take it coz it wouldnt come out too thick! but............i put him to bed at half 8 2 hours earlier than usual,,,he did stir alot in the night and i was giving him weak formular but he did sleep til 6:30 which is good for harri so in my opinion it was na semi success gonna try c and g milk again tonight but without gaviscon as that makes it even thicker! thanks for asking! xxx
  • hi sunnymum, i've been having this problem with Shea, he's coming up for 9 months and had never slept thru, waking a least twice a night and the only way I could get him setttled again was by offering a bottle. But it was destroying us both, with working now and all so Monday night my MIL offered to take him for the night. he woke as usual wanting a bottle around midnight but she refused to give him one and decided to let him cry (something I haven't ahd the will power to do) she kept going in every 15 mins or so, resettling him and putting dummy back in. After 1 1/2 hours he gave in and slept till morning.

    He's been back home two nights now and has slept 12hours solid!! Now I don't know whether this is a fluke or whether nana has cracked him!!!
    as I said I didn't have the energy or will power to do the crying at night thing but maybe that would be worth a go with your lo?

    good luck and I can sympathise cause nights is hard work
  • Thats fantastic! well done nana! lol he doesnt really cry during the night just gets twisty.I will definately be keping this method in mind for future referance tho hun! thanks! xxx
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