Baby Swimming Lessons

Just found out my local pool does a course starting in september and thought i might give it a go as my daughter is now 5mths old and as yet havent done anything or met any new mams. She loves splashing in the bath so hopefully will enjoy this ! anyone else tried it ?? is it worth ago????? I also found a company call waterbabies but they charge over ??10 a session !!


  • I did waterbabies with my daughter who is now nearly 14 months. She loves swimming and is VERY confident in the water. She can pull herself up on the side, and holds on, she also is happy to go underwater bringing herself back up to the surface. Yes it is expensive but I did the course when Lily was about 4 months old and learning these things at a young age was very important to me as I drowned when I was 3 and had to be resusitated 3 times- I could not swim to the surface so it is my hope that if heaven forbid Lily was in this situation she would at least beable to come up to the surface or hold onto the side. If I could have afforded to I would have carried on with waterbabies but we were saving for our wedding which was in May so couldn't justify the cost. I then did a course witha friend at a local pool which was more relaxed but still fun now we just go to parent and baby sessions when we can. xxx
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